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Careers, I don't understand how they work

Can anyone tell me how careers work in this game? I've heard Pirate, Adventurer, and Navy so far. It sounds like Adventurers will be like free traders without specific ties to any nation, and Navy characters will be closely linked to a specific nation. Are these the three careers, or just broad classes? I'd heard you can have more than one career, is this true?

I'm also confused about the skills. Since the game is more skill based, will skills do things like provide bonuses to stuff you do (like maybe letting you reload your guns faster, or sail faster, etc)?

Finally, if you're in the French Navy, can you switch to the Spanish Navy through a mission, or are you stuck with your choice?


  • fe_numberonefe_numberone Member UncommonPosts: 8

    from what i have gathered, you can pick you nation, 






    then you pick weather you are navy or adventurer.


    or you can be a pirate which is it's completely own gig.

    once you make a choice you are stuck with it.


  • EyemazeEyemaze Member Posts: 26

    That is correct numberone.

    Ships have their own layout classifications like scout,hunter and dreadnought which will be determined by armaments and fittings ona  given ship. Skills are picked based on how you want to play, dreadnought focus skills, mercantile, scout general skills etc...


    Navy Pirate and Adventurer each have access to predetermined "safe' ships, ships not on this list are lost when sunk and have to be re-purchased or recaptured(pirates) safe ships can simply be picked up again from the nearest port when you are sunk in one.


    The Navy will have the biggest safe ship list, then adventurers then pirates.

  • 1355713557 Member Posts: 42
    maybe it will be like on WW2 online , you could choose witch nation and woulnt be able to select a diffrent one for like 24 hours if you wanted
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