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RYL: Path of the Emperor: Review



  • bigrob121bigrob121 Member Posts: 11
    lol, in every mmorpg i have played i have sat and asked people for help and didnt get it, thats not just ryl's community, it is lazy human nature.  btw this happened to me in guildwars and wow=P
  • RageMonsterRageMonster Member UncommonPosts: 120

    Right on the money!  I played for a month because I hate to blow money on a game like this so I want to give it every chance possible.  It has such a great number of major flaws that inhibit fun gameplay that I seriously doubt anyone would find this game the least bit interesting.  Seroius MMORPG gamers will agree on this point and even be angry that something like this can continue to exist in our community!  It is insulting to have this rubbish in the MMORPG genre.  Imagine a new player just checking out MMORPG and they see this thing in the store bragging about the contest and they blow their money and are forever turned off to this type of game ruining it forever.

    Still on the RYL official forum you read how people just love the game and it is so much fun.  I didn't see anything in the game that didn't make me angry that I was sucked in by that $1 Million dollar contest thing on the box.  I admit I am mad at myself thinking that as long as I was playing EQ2 so much I might as well play a game that gave me the chance to be rich.  LOL  image

    I can't believe anyone who has played another MMORPG would play this longer than 5 minutes without saying the same thing.

    Weak story, can't remap the keys, worst interface possible, very simple and pointless quests, terrible economy, no GM control, terrible community made up of 13 year old mentality players with foul mouths, and it just goes on and on.

    If you really have no other game to play then before you even think about blowing $30 on this garbage please donate that money to a homeless person or go and get a root canal as it is more fun than this.




  • nimloth32nimloth32 Member Posts: 5

    if i was wrong about the community then does anyone dare to challenge me about the fact that ak'kan is stronger than human? the fact is proven easily if you take one similar high level ak'kan warrior (warrior or templar) to fight with a similar high level human warrior (both at level 70), who will win the match? (without modding your weapon of course). Then, what is the point of playing an imbalance MMORPG??? For ak'kan you know you are a sure winner. For human, you know you are a sure loser.

    By the way, i also play RYL 1 (both english and taiwanese version) as well as RYL 2. The human players already complain to the customer support that human is weaker than ak'kan. However, whenever the new patch comes out, it is always the ak'kan gain more strength.Who can tell how percent does the templar from ak'kan can block? ::::21::

  • -Valkrie--Valkrie- Member Posts: 1
    i once was a GM for PWG and i have to agree with alot of the review,but i wouldn't go as far to say that  the PWG staff aren't doing what they can to make the game better.The Staff At PWG are some of the best people out there,an may i say some of the most caring too.they can't help it if the people they rely on to send them game enhancing patches are very slow to do so.As A fan of the RYL1 Version of the game i have to say that RYL pote is the worst of the 2 versions that i have played an PWG is stuck with it.image i can't tell you how bad i feel for them,as i know they are a great bunch of folks.what should have happened was,they should have just implemented the new ideas into the RYL 1 Version instead of changing the entire game.image i must admit to,that the malaysians do take better care of their customers as far as giving game enhancing perks to people who top-up their accounts.i also think this is a thing that keeps alot of people playing RYL 1. but you will find yourself like alot of people constantly asking on chat for a GM an never getting one in the malaysian version.unlike the North American Version,GM's or Guides are always available in that version.image I miss working with the likes of X.Factor,GM-Emmerdale an such. hopefully PWG will get the chance to revive RYL 1 in North America and we all will be Seeing each other again one day. peace out (always the GM behind the scene watching out for the lil guy GM-Law) image
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