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Tactica Online: New Lore: Da Vinci Letter

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

The developers over at Tactica Online have released a new and interesting piece of lore. This piece of lore takes the form of a [fictional] letter from famed artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci which discusses machines of war.

To My Lord the Duke of Tier,

Most Illustrious Lord,

Having until now sufficiently studied and examined the experiments of all those who claim to be experts and inventors of war machines, and having found that their machines do not differ in the least from those ordinarily in use, I shall make so bold, without wanting to cause harm to anyone, as to address myself to Your Excellency to divulge my secrets to him, and offer to demonstrate to him, at his pleasure, all the things briefly enumerated below :

  1. I can construct light and sturdy bridges, easy to transport, in order to follow and if necessary rout the enemy, and other even more solid which resist fire and storm, simple to remove and lay down. And the means to burn and destroy those of the enemy.

  2. For the siege of a stronghold, I know how to clear the moats of water and construct an infinite number of bridges, battering-rams and scaling-ladders and other machines useful for this sort of enterprise.

  3. Item, if a stronghold could not be reduced by bombardment, because of the height of its slopes or the strength of its position, I have the means of destroying any citadel or other emplacement whose foundations do not rest upon the ground.

  4. I also have methods for making mortars that are simple and practical to move, that throw rubble in an almost steady stream, causing much fear and terror in the enemy camp with their smoke, as well as much damage and confusion.

  5. I also have the means, using tunnels and twisting secret passageways, dug noiselessly, of arriving at a determined point, even if this meant going under moats and rivers.

  6. I shall make sure and invincible covered wagons, which will penetrate the ranks of the enemy with their artillery, and that group of armed men does not yet exist which can stop them; infantry can then follow them unharmed and unobstructed.

  7. If necessary I shall make siege guns, mortars and other machines, of beautiful and practical shape, completely different from what is generally in use.

To read the rest of this letter, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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