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The Matrix Online: Update #36

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

The Matrix Online has a brand new update up and running. TMO Update number 36 became active as of 9/27/05 and contains a number of fixes, changes and new story elements for you gameplay pleasure.

Featured Changes

  • The Matrix Online Story Continues in Episode 2.3!

    • The 2.3 Cinematic and Storyline missions are now available in game.

  • New CCR UI

    • The /ccr system now uses an in-game UI window rather than opening an in-game browser.

Changes and Improvements

  • Logic Daemon 2.0 now logically uses Hacker attacks.

  • The key to trigger slash commands is no longer rebindable from the Advanced Key Bindings window. Players that have already rebound the slash command key will need to reset to default bindings using the UI if they wish to change it again.

  • Items in the Code Archive now autostack when uploaded. Note: Any items moved to the Code Archive from within the Loading Area must be stacked manually--they will no longer autostack after jacking in and returning to the Loading Area.

  • The dungeon Boss Lupine now drops a more proportioned quanity of male and female versions of the Blackwolf Coat.

  • Escorted NPCs in the Chef mission "Bedtime Reading" are now tougher.

  • Players can now use /sit or /stand to stand back up from a seated position.

To read the rest of this update, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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