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They should make the game free.

BereticBeretic Member Posts: 2

Most Minors dont have any acess to credit cards...which sucks for me because my parents arnt going to let me use theirs. ::::10:: I mean, its just a game, why pay for it?


  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    Developers have to get paid somehow. So do the CCR's. Bandwidth costs money as well.

    I know a free UO shard that had about 2000 accounts, 900 people online during prime time, that cost about 500$ a month to run. That was only bandwidth cost.

    Plus, people want to make money, thats life.

    I could imagine how many people would still be playing if it was free since day 1.. ohh wait, NOONE would be playing Shadowbane because the bugs would have never been fixed!

  • brigantinebrigantine Member Posts: 14

    I voted yes but I still would not be playing. I came back for the lore server and had a ton of fun on test. The thing is as soon as the lore server went live they reduced the amount of xp/gold rates. I can't figure out why because PvE in SB is the worst of any game I've ever played. Its their PvP that is fun. So in the end I left not wanting to grind gold and xp just for the chance to PvP now and again.

    Even with the game being free the poor decisions by the devs will keep coming so it wont matter.

  • ZeausZeaus Member Posts: 222

    I hate polls that have stuipid things like "No because we are dumb" just setting your answers up like that shows how immature you are.

    They charge so they can keep the thing running, if you can't understand this basic fact then maybe you should think twice before making silly polls and posts about the subject.

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  • MaxziusMaxzius Member UncommonPosts: 248

    You can hit 75th level within a week. If that's too long for you to "grind" then I don't know what to tell you...

    -Just My Thoughts-


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  • brigantinebrigantine Member Posts: 14

    To long in this game? Yes! I just don't like the PvE in this game. Its also not just the leveling grind but the city upkeep/gold grind. Test had it perfect. You got right into the one good thing this game does. Thats PvP! I'm not a big fan of wack-a-mole which is what SB PvE is.

  • DarkAvatar01DarkAvatar01 Member Posts: 12
    Ahhh, no. It is not much. You just need to talk them into it. Tell them, "Would you like me to be on the streets and join a gang? Or would you like me to play the greatest PvP game ever?" That should workimage
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