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Questions about expansions...

yourmom12192yourmom12192 Member Posts: 221


            here are a few questions about the expansion...

1)  Will we be able to swim or use a new mode of transportation ( animals, ships, etc.)?

2) Will there be any new races and/or professions?

3) Will pvp be updated?

4) Will there be new places on the map (like sorrows furnace) or new areas on the map (farther then it went before)?

5) Will there be towns for guilds and will other guilds be able to siege it?

You can add more questions to be answered...



  • ZericonZericon Member Posts: 48

    My Question is not so much for Towns for Guilds, but

    Will there be anyway to Trade between Guild members? I.e. A community storage area?

    Will chapter 2 be an "expansion, Original game required to play" or Stand Alone, or Both Chapter 1 & 2?

    Wii Love To Play

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