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Great idea...

yourmom12192yourmom12192 Member Posts: 221

Wouldnt it be SO SICK if Guild Wars got a Battlegrounds type pvp mode. im not saying that the pvp we have now is bad, im saying that it would be 10x better.


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  • ZericonZericon Member Posts: 48

    Do You Mean Like a Everyman for himself, self rezzing, type battleground?

    I Agree, that would Eat hours more of my days ::::01::

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  • yourmom12192yourmom12192 Member Posts: 221
    ye pretty much. I would still like team based. but either would be great.
  • yourmom12192yourmom12192 Member Posts: 221
    I would also get annoyed by self rezzing though. Unless is was like in WOW, were u have to find your body. that would be acceptable.
  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    I think I would get annoyed so fast with a free for all. It would be a complete matter of luck in staying alive...and really what would the point of it be. There would be so many 1 on 1's, and when the caster keeps getting worked by the mes, necro's owning warriors or anything along those lines, people will be screaming for nerfs. GW is set for teamwork and working with a group, a free for all would pretty much throw that idea out the window. Even if it were to be teams, how would the teams be chosen, there is no Alliance vs Horde set-up? Would it be like the competition arenas, if so, I go back to my point of it being luck (who has the most monks?).

    Don't get me wrong, I think any addition to GW that creates more variety of game play would be welcome. I just do not think that this would be the way to go.

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