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Exploring the World

ElkariElkari Member Posts: 47

  I was just wondering if I am the only one to explore every path on the map the world has to offer.



  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    While I do enjoy exploring areas around the cities, towns and mission, I can not say that it is my favorite thing to do. I am usually helping guildees with missions or trying to increase my plat count to where are can "live comfortably." I have most of the map covered but I still have a couple patches of fog in the SE desert, SW jungle and NW Ascalon region. I do not have a typical solo character (w/mo or old school solo monks) so all the areas I have pretty much discovered with 3-8 people in groups. I look forward to being able to have my map completely explored at some point. I am looking forward to new content with the next chapter.

    Have fun with whatever game you play!!

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  • RiludeRilude Member Posts: 30
    I like to kill everything that I can, more money and loot that way. But at the same time I am exploring too. I find myself walking towards empty space where I know there are no monsters and trying to look over the edge to see what I can see.
  • ZetNetZetNet Member Posts: 58

    I like to kill every thing and expolre the map.  but somtimes it gett´s boring when the areas are to big and its the same monsters every where.

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