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Looking for a great,FREE,MMORPG to hook up on

I used to play Flyff before but it's gonna close down for a while and it's not gonna be back till November.So until then,I gotta find another game to keep me occupied and entertained until Nov.



  • CaesarsGhostCaesarsGhost Member Posts: 2,136

    - CaesarsGhost

    Lead Gameplay and Gameworld Designer for a yet unnamed MMO Title.
    "When people tell me designing a game is easy, I try to get them to design a board game. Most people don't last 5 minutes, the rest rarely last more then a day. The final few realize it's neither fun nor easy."

  • RattrapRattrap Member Posts: 1,599

    Anarchy Online , no question about it....

    "Before this battle is over all the world will know that few...stood against many." - King Leonidas

  • SharpShot117SharpShot117 Member Posts: 94
    Knight Online is one of the best f2p mmorpgs out there. download the client at


  • zeboathzeboath Member Posts: 396

    One of the best is Legend of Mir 3 in my opinion. Even though the controls might seem choppy, and the graphics dull, it's a great game

    It's a good community(you easily get help, and you quickly find a "hunting partner)
    The combat is somewhat like D2.

    Since I'm too lazy to explain in details, I'll just encourage you to download it and try it out yourself.



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