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RUMOR ALERT: Neocron 3...well sort of

StanLee2StanLee2 Member Posts: 51

I work in the industry and I was attempting to hire someone for a project. We couldnt hire him because he took an offer from a group that has split off from KK and gotten some funding. Apparently they might..MIGHT be making a game similar to NeoCron with the Crytek engine.

Just for those who like info


  • VenerableDVenerableD Member Posts: 41

    I have heard that too. Apparently they have 2 million USD down as their initial development funding.


    I wasn't aware it was a splinter group though, I thought it was the original Neocron team.

  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    Originally posted by beatbox
    I wonder if that's enough money to make a game that doesnt crash.



  • RansomRansom Member Posts: 3

    Any new Infos about this theme?

  • ooo3ooo3 Member Posts: 1

    True or false: Avoid C2P! Please! The one and only reason I cannot play NC anymore.

  • RabiatorRabiator Member Posts: 358

    Do you mean Dark Destiny?
    AFAIK the CEO, Jan Borkenhagen, had some relations to Reakktor (but not necessarily as an employee).
    According to what he said on another forum, his company is currently working on a cyberpunk MMORPG that is roughly comparable to NC. Unfortunately, they had some difficulties with their licensor and are now reworking the game to avoid legal problems.
    Otherwise, you might see a bit more than a single page on their website by now. A few months ago, Jan had hinted at a beta in Oct 2005...

  • NigtFallNigtFall Member Posts: 4

    And what's the name of this marvelous game?

    Story goes on...

  • RabiatorRabiator Member Posts: 358

    Originally posted by NigtFall
    And what's the name of this marvelous game?

    The Jan Borkenhagen game?

    Dark Destiny, the website is http://www.itg-media.de/

    Unfortunately, they seem to be badly behind their schedule. You will only find a single page on that website, which hints at a company that is still far from release.

  • f8l3rr0rf8l3rr0r Member Posts: 2

    This company doesnt have much to do with KK, but if you look at some of the screen shots.. I swear it's the same dev's although this is a florida based company not german.


  • Dirk_GentlyDirk_Gently Member Posts: 193

    I don't think that Twilight War has anything to do with any of the Neocron devs. Incidentally, if you lighten the screenshots they look absolutely terrible.

    A Neocron with a supportive publisher and devs willing to fix bugs would be an interesting combination don't you think??

    A good wife deserves more than half the praise, just as a bad one deserves more than half the blame. - Tacitus

  • Kane_HartKane_Hart Member Posts: 19

    it's there 2D Shooter game... Nothing big. I think though the good news is when its finished there going move to NC2 project..

    Theres no NC3 just NC2.1 coming out I guess in a day now.

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