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Leadr Status report :)

KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820
I added a last name-Crimsonfist- and got rust enamel for my gloves. They look really nice.image I am at lvl 23 and I have 121 realm points because Ive been on pretty successfull teams. On sunday we catured and fort and killed, i believe, 96 albions with 8 warmachines and 7 15 shadowblades. Pretty tight-ass.image The guild I was at fell apart and I am guild free at the moment.image Mr beast craft pwns and I have insane buffs that raise my quickness to 160 and dex to 170. My character looks plain cool too. I am gonna take a screenie soon for you guysimage Anyway, yeah it took me all weekend of about 30 hours of gameplay and all of monday since I didnt have skool to get from lvl 21 to 23, which is insane, but the realm points seem to be all I care about now and they are pouring in.image


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  • K2theKK2theK Member Posts: 67

    nicely done, well done


    Uh oh..getting awfully close to the rp limit for the first battleground before you are forced out ! (125 realmpoints)..then the horror of the 2nd battleground, which for some strange reason hardly anybody ever goes into. Which just leaves the loooong climb to level 30 for the more active 3rd battleground.

    Mind you, only takes a day with some powerlevelling :)

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