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Note that does not allow posting of illegal or "free" servers in our forums.  Anyone found posting about "free" servers for MU Online or any other game will get their account banned, IP banned and the link reported to the game company in question for investigation.

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  • Can we tell you these "free" servers because my friends know a lot of these private "free" servers so you can report them to the game company?

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    Originally posted by cyberfoxx

    Hello Master,image
    I need ur help to make personal MU Online on my country,At my country no anyone make this server yet,So I want be the 1st ppl at my country can make this server,So,what I want,please tell me and teach me how to make the MU personal website and how to set up or build that MU Online server..
    I so,soo needed ur help to make this server for my country..please tell and teach me to make this server,ok?
     Thanks You So Much...!!image
    Ur noob members..image

    Are you out of your mind!? You are asking in a topic made by an admin that informs people posting private servers will get you banned for help for your private server!?
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