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What game should I choose?

I used to play the Ultima style games a lot when I was younger. I want to get back into it some now. Looked at a few games but saw that most RPGs are on-line now (Does anyone still make RPGs on a disc anymore like the original Ultima 2-5???).


Anyway, I have a laptop so graphics and keyboard stuff may be somewhat limted (Even if this is an advanced laptop). What games do you recommend? Are any of them free or are they all paid?




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  • psibotpsibot Member Posts: 254

    Hmm I played CRPGs since about Bardstale time (btw they making a sequel of Bardtale atm hehe) well any way just look over to there you can find tons of info, review or thingy like dev diaries.

    Personally I'd recommend you have a look at MMORPG's (persistent online worlds) since I have done so normal RPG tend to quite bore me when I could play a MMORPG.

    Old style of stuff focus on gameplay is seldom atm mostly Games focus on graphics, One new feature display or realtime(which has become synomym for good action - pftt) oh and games rarly work out of the shelfs so you need a modem anyway.

    Shortly released Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil (AD&D derivate) is quite good for an current RPG but need patching to come.

    Hope that helped a little.

    Light laughter and sweet water to you fellow adventures.

  • LansidLansid Member Posts: 1,097

    I'd say "Temple of Elemental Evil" is the closest most up to date game out there that resembles the criteria. HOWEVER, the game is quite buggy... read the forums on the ToEE page to see if you would want to personally chance it. I bought it, haven't had a ton of time to throw into it, but have had a few "highly annoying" bugs... one that was gamestopping till I figured out how to fix it (the scroll the view up, down, left or right lock problem, fixed by resetting the scroll speed.) The game is pretty, and has tons of story behind it. This is an offline game, and turn based when in battle.

    Hrrm... then there was "Devil Whiskey" which is like the "Bard's Tale" play... haven't researched a whole lot about it, though I loved BT III for my C64... <sigh> ok I'll shut up now.

    "There is only one thing of which I am certain, and that's nothing is certain."

    "There is only one thing of which I am certain, and that's nothing is certain."

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