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Will there be a Shadowbane 2?

rdrpappyrdrpappy Member Posts: 325

I stare at the messages, press releases and dev notes even after long remitting my account, why?

I have played games with far more weight to their visual realms and designs, buffeted by their lofty infrastructure and content. Why then after sampling many new games and anticipating even more do I still patronize Shadowbane. Perhaps it's the racial diversity and the chance for coherence and pride, the lore that makes me puff out my barbarians chest and yell into the echoes of the snowy forest "I am a half giant".

Could it be the lingering frantic emotion brought on by a breach in the wall of the city I helped carve out of a merciless land. I think what Shadowbane did right was give you some ownership of what you took and pride in what you were.

I also think what they did wrong was to not throw the whole games experience into a pot and cook it down to it's true temper, make whats fun the true foundation for what needs to be added to the mix. The mines did not do it for me and I left feeling like to much of the games enjoyment had to be made by our imagination. Not that it's bad to have to build your own politics and adventures but it should be shouldered by the pack mule of content.

If someone could build Shadowbane 2, I say to them give more ownership of the game, more identity and pride in our creations and more enjoyment and reward in our daily ingame lives. A house, larger than life treasures from weapons to wardrobe, horrible creations that haunt each unique land with unpredictable outreach and impact.

Take away the nest that warms dishonor and supplanted interloping by all those who wish only to act out everything that belongs outside the experience.

I want to log into a Shadowbane where I'm not sure what I just heard but raise my axe because I am sure I need to stand for my own hide. People want to log in and become the character and not be reminded of everyday idiocy.

So there it is just add, new graphics, more relevant content, a balanced pvp catalog, more ownership, more character identity, mounts, a reason to fear Minotaur or melee classes, a system where healers and thieves aren't the kings of the battlefield and any number of the fun aspects of what could be a great game.

It's not that hard, and even though opinions vary, by bringing folks together you can get down to what people really enjoy about all rpg's. Don't be afraid to listen to players who are outside looking in, I have seen many comments by die hard fans that do nothing but serve them and their ilk, all the while the numbers dwindle.

It's a business of passion, like building exotic cars, treat it like that and if you want to excel you will create the best of the brand and surely define a better mouse trap.


  • MaxxxMaxxx Member UncommonPosts: 389

    they announced they are making Shadowbane 2

  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    Originally posted by Maxxx
    they announced they are making Shadowbane 2

    Where? Link please.

  • MaxxxMaxxx Member UncommonPosts: 389

    thought it was announced but i guess it was a rumor

    i read it a while ago

  • daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357
    it's been announced but indirectly...  The developers have said they're working on another project...  just haven't named it yet.
  • swordsbaneswordsbane Member Posts: 95

    Originally posted by daveospice
    it's been announced but indirectly... The developers have said they're working on another project... just haven't named it yet.

    Weather it's Shadowbane2 or something else, it explains why they don't seem to care about SB. Even I, the eternal optimist, am starting to feel the dissapointment creep in.

  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    Hopefully SB needs a engine/graphic update very bably.

  • ShirotsughShirotsugh Member Posts: 12
    I doubt there will be SB2 in the next 3 years...
  • zxJusticexzzxJusticexz Member Posts: 18

    Empire is what SB2 would be like:


    In addition to having over 12 playable races we also have castle siege and the ability to create your own custom dungeons.  This game is PVP intensive and should not be played by those unwilling to take risks more info to come later.


  • MorridinMorridin Member Posts: 34

    We don't need a sb2.  All we need is a better mmo with city building, sieging, and open non-consential pvp.  That would be shadowbane 2 to me.


  • NarfeihtNarfeiht Member Posts: 5

    Its offical, somewhat... using the Unreal engine. Not sure which engine it is, hopefully the Unreal 3 engine! Posted by Ashen asking for people knowladgeable with the engine to be hired.


    have a good understanding of the Unreal engine technology

    Who said a new MMO? Could be we are upgrading Shadowbane? Which is it... well, you already know I can't say (or is it that I just won't? Hmmmmm).

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