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Tell me why I should join your guild...

Saleen_23Saleen_23 Member Posts: 24

I am a lvl 9 mage, currently in the area of Goldshire, Northshire Abbey, Stormwind, IronForge,West Garrison, and any other place close to that, but i am willing to travel far if the guild is good enough. I want to be in a guild that has ppl who will ACTUALLY help me on quests and group with me. Other guilds are just made soo it can have like a million ppl, but a lot of them are never online and they dont help.


  • keyamonkeyamon Member Posts: 14

    IMO you should only join a guild if you have come to know some of the members.
    but it goes the other way too. i dont want someone to join mine that we havnt played with.
    it makes for a much happier group.
    you oftern see people fishing for members, but what's the point in being in a a guild where no one knows each other. IMO you're going to be no better off.

  • Saleen_23Saleen_23 Member Posts: 24

    I completley agree, but I was just thinking if I can get into a guild, i can get to kno the ppl, thus makin friends who are willing to help me and I can help them. Most ppl who make guilds dont try to get to kno the ppl in it, its just a bunch of players. Its crazy. Plus, i havnt found many high lvl players who r willing to accept me, a noob, into their guild. They dont want to kno me. I think i'll juyst keep lookin for a good guild, and maybe make my own for ppl like me, but I'm still open for suggestions!

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