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Riding Dragons into Battle

MistiMisti Member Posts: 724

A couple months ago I read that you could eventually grow your strider into a dragon that you could ride around and lead sieges with and such if you were high enough rank in a guild.  At the time they said that the full sized dragons werent in game yet but now that it has been released in Korea I was curious if they ever got that feature implemented.

Does anyone know?


  • BentoBento Member Posts: 43
    ya couple days before the patch and retail... they had gms riding them dragons around making everyone goo OOO AHHHH and then die cause they were tring to kill a mob :P

  • KentaroKentaro Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Not really an answer for your question but I thought this would be useful to others browsing this forum. image

    Some dragon breeding info:


    To sum it up, don't expect to have a flying wyvern of your own as it seems to be for the elite few princes(ses) who own castles which there are very few of(~3-7 i think).  On the other hand, stryders should be much easier to obtain.

    Hopefully flying wyvern owners can "lend" their pet over so other guild members can use it when the owner isn't online or isn't using it.  I heard there might be a high level quest(maybe epic quest?) that will allow other's to obtain the flying wyvern but not sure on the details and may be just pure speculation.

  • porkasporkas Member Posts: 125
    well it won't be easy getting a wyvern

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321
    i thought only the guild leader could do the final dragon quest? as in fully evolved dragons are only available for guild leaders.

  • porkasporkas Member Posts: 125
    well it's said that your guild has to own a castle if you want a dragon and that only the head of the castel can have a dragon(although it's not known if last part is true, maby more that the head of the castle can have a dragon)

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

  • MistiMisti Member Posts: 724

    Thanks for the answers!  image

    I never expected to have one of my own but thought it would be really neat to see one fly over or help in a castle siege now and then.  Seems like they would add a bunch of atmosphere especially if they were rare and seeing one was something special.

  • ultimus666ultimus666 Member Posts: 17

    I remember reading that only the guild leader/castle owner can EVOLVE the strider into a wyvern. It never said others can't OWN one, it just says they can't do the evolving if I remember correctly...

  • porkasporkas Member Posts: 125

    true, mabey you only need the castel for evolvingthe creatures.
    Any ways the only way to know for sure is to try it your selfs

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

  • zizorzizor Member Posts: 27

    so is this game worth getting? people say it isnt fun but with pvp and castle seiges how cant it be?

    please let me kno

  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    what i remember from OB that a person was saying that wyrens would only be possible for guild leaders that have taken over a castle..

    but we can turn hatchlings into striders, am I not right?

    i just needa scrape up 300k and buy a hatchling from someonmeimage


  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    Let me answer a few things here.

    First, this game isn't fun because you can't do those things until level 50+ anyway. Not to mention other... problems...

    Second, you will not be able to have a dragon (or even the second form, strider) for another year or so (chronicle 2-3).

    Third, you only need guild leader to evolve it for you, then you can have it back.

  • RubycatRubycat Member Posts: 223

    yeah back in beta i was told that the guild leader who owned the castle could raise other dragons and give them to guild members..


  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    You were told correctly, however... it is hard for a guild leader to do that so your chances of him doing it for more than 2-3 others is slim to none.

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