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Creating a mmorpg?

I want to know if i can create a totally free mmorpg? If anyone has links to download a mmorpg creato and such progams please post them on reply


  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194
    depends do you want it 2d/ 3d or what.. if you want a nice 3d one.. do you have any knowledge with c , C++ , any 3d modeling, level design coding , its really hard making a game

    Ohh Im So Scary... BOO

  • HeltHelt Member Posts: 4
    Uh..I know a free MMORPG creator that is gonna come out, or unless it died...ill find the link then post it.



  • PozuchuPozuchu Member Posts: 1

    If you were to create a free mmorpg. I wouldent last long because:

    1. You would have to pay the monthly internet bill and the bandwidth too. And possibly the server and hardware costs too. I would cost thousands a month to stay alive.

    2. It would be rampaged by cheaters and hackers if advertised. Just remember, free services are a #1 target to malicious users on the internet. If one user is going to take care of all the mess, the administrator would spend most of his time banning all the cheaters/hackers.

  • meisterman12meisterman12 Member Posts: 11
    Well a 2d game is ok with me..i have heard of player worlds but i didnt really like it

  • RosetaRoseta Member Posts: 1
    I'm making a mmorpg theres forums for more info at the moment the news page is not being updated. The graphics, maps and stuff are being worked on but the programming isnt yet, at the moment I'm doing it all myself, but I'd be happy if anyone wants to help. Its a 2d game see the logo on the forums for a description..

    -Roseta LopRabbit

    -Roseta LopRabbit

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