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I don't get it?

Ken`ShieroKen`Shiero Member Posts: 289

Everything is working fine I put in my username and pass, you know the whole deal. I click a server and the little pop-up appears (connecting... please wait....) How long is it suppose to take I wonder. I have yet gotten into the game.

Please give me some feedback on this problem.

Much appreciatedimage

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  • RazamanazRazamanaz Member Posts: 12
    i dont rly know wuts up man, i had that same problem where i could only sign into ares once i dl'd KE but it seemed to fix itself overnight and i could get into beramus n stuff.  Mabe reinstalling the program might fix the problem?
  • SecrowSecrow Member Posts: 54

    well it says.... connecting please wait ... or whatever beacuse its many people playing... click on cancel and try again do it many times and you will get in... i hade the same problem but i just tried all the time... it relly worked for me ::::14:: ::::01::


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