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any CoV groups forming?

haidonghaidong Member Posts: 12

I was planning on getting CoV, I have not played CoH. Actually I just stopped playing WoW which i have been playing since release. But I was just wondering if there are any CoV supergroups forming. Since there is no CoV section on the MMO forums.


  • HarlequinaHarlequina Member Posts: 48

    Oh, you betcha.image

    A certain once-notorious MMORPG guild will be reborn in the perfect spawning ground: City of Villians. If you'd like, I'd be happy to contact you in-game once we are properly up and running.


  • TechentTechent Member Posts: 15

    Defenders of Paragon will have a villian group also. We have not posted anything on the public side of our website. But stop by and check us out.

  • millbromillbro Member Posts: 71
    yeah im new to the game too, in beta atmm. and i was thinking of finding a cool super group to join.. im a very good mmo/pvp player. played eq1,ac,wow,eq2(poop), going to try cov.
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