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How bad is cheating in SB now?

RedfootRedfoot Member Posts: 36

Last I played this it was a hacker invested piece of crap with people running leveling/money farm macro's and using dupe exploits to reach mad amounts of gold, etc. etc.

How bad is it these days? Is hacking still going on?


  • The-ReaperThe-Reaper Member Posts: 5
    A lot less now, trust me, they even did away (most of it at least) with melee-sync issues in combat.


    The strong are good, only the weak are wicked. ~ Napoleon

  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    A lot of players got banned or suspended(with gold/items deleted) with the last "dupe type" exploit that happened months ago.

    Did you know you can dupe in WoW still? All games have these types of glitches that have to be addressed.

    and NO im not telling you how to do it in WoW...

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