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PDA Version

KoltraneKoltrane Member UncommonPosts: 1,049
I tried to access the site from my handheld and was denied.  PPC 2003 runs a version of IE that broadcasts v3.x or something, so the site thinks I'm on an old system or something.  I know it'd be a major overhaul to make the entire site compatible, but how about a separate front page with just the latest news items and updates, or something like that.

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    At some point I do plan on making a PDA version of the will definately be a dumbed down version...but it will allow basic features.  The site uses a lot of DHTML and things that are not supported in handheld we stop them at the door for now image

    This will be in the far future though...if I have time for developing I will be working on the main site...where I can please the most people...

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