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next BIG mmorpg



  • GoddyfatherGoddyfather Member Posts: 239
    GodsnHeroes looks very promosing indeed.

  • wishbone10wishbone10 Member Posts: 36
    Regnum online IMHOimage


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  • CyniQCyniQ Member Posts: 7

    Why do people undersestimate the game Systemic Online ROHAN.

    To me it seems that they lack visibility, but the way the game is gonna be manage and all sytem around group play and building a "kingdom" with other people at same time. Looks good to me !

    I've been playing RO for almost 3 years now, i'm looking foward into ROHAN and RO2 ! I'm so tired of waiting for RO2 with all the realease date and rumors changing every months !

  • HajenHajen Member Posts: 50
    Age of Conan image

  • KanashimiKanashimi Member UncommonPosts: 3
    I guess some of the bigger named games/those my friends are talking about like Warhammer, Conan, Vanguard, LotRO. They seem to have the most potential to pull people away from WoW and the likes... although I have to say, I'm not too thrilled with any of those. I guess I still hold out hope that something else will take everyone by surprise. I look forward to Spellborn a little, oh, and SUN. I'm so easily lead astray by pretty graphics tho, it isn't even funny.


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  • mmorpg23mmorpg23 Member Posts: 34

    I have no idea. No, really.

    P.S. If you want to click that link it justs brings you to an animal penguin. If you go there I'd appreciate it (though it's sorta' boring.)!


  • KaishoKaisho Member Posts: 48

                   I'm gonna go with Vanguard tons of races and tons of classes huge world. 


    I'll say Exanimus even though we don't know much about this game so far, who can really resist a zombie flesh 

                                               eatting horror mmo? I know i can't wait!

  • Ryguy105Ryguy105 Member Posts: 3
    I agree with Cabe, but I hope Warhammer Online comes as close as possible. And I see that happening since it is doing the same thing as WoW did. Pulling gamers from different genres due to past games with the same name, etc. Warhammer has a 20+ year background of fans. I'm sure it will haul in a bunch of RTS gamers due to Dawn of War, and as well as most people who have played Dark Age of Camelot (such as myself). I played that game close to launch, and let me tell ya, Mythic knows how to run an MMO, especially pvp-wise. I found myself missing DAoC at many points while playing WoW. I still like DAoC better than WoW.

  • sinkiansinkian Member Posts: 5
    hope it will come ture

  • dizzchandizzchan Member Posts: 2
    I think Vanguard sounds like its gonna be great.  I think if the launch goes smooth, and the content is fairly bugless, it will take off.  If Vanguard has trouble keeping people engaged once they hit max lvl it may have trouble retaining subscriptions.  If that is the case I would pick Warhammer as the one I am next most excited about, but there really isnt enough info out about it yet.
  • SenuvenSenuven Member Posts: 51

    I have heard of a game called Dark Solstice. The reading on it isnt bad, but I dont know if I would say it is the next cool thing, and it probably is pushing the 2 year limit on the time frame listed by the poster. It has not even made it to the in development list yet :(



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  • Deathstrike2Deathstrike2 Member UncommonPosts: 1,777
    It's gotta be Marvel Universe Online.  Hopefully, it'll be everything that City of Heroes isn't....a MMO with real SUPER heroes and not quite so much repetition. 
  • MartinIsTheShitMartinIsTheShit Member Posts: 5
    As I told u LINEAGE 3 will be the big thing image cheers

  • knightxoknightxo Member Posts: 11

    Vanguard Saga of heroes
    From the look of the screen shots and they general vain of the game (WOW type Fantasy)  it will have a good following. Add in the factors of 19 races, 15 professions,  and what looks like a well thought out story. I honestly think Vanguard Saga of heroes will be the next big hit


  • LazzaroLazzaro Member UncommonPosts: 548

    I'm hoping Gods and Heroes, AoC, and Warhammer turn out very good.

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  • ApraxisApraxis Member UncommonPosts: 1,518
    Originally posted by Datacom

    Warhammer Online, warhammer fans  and old school rvr and pvp players waiting that game, like ME :D
    best pvp game
    I agree, Warhammer Online may be the next big mmorpg, at least within the next 1-2 years.

    But however, it is anything but not old school pvp, old school pvp is UO, AC-DT or anything before(MUDs), and just one game comes near to offer old school pvp, and this is Darkfall(although it is also next generation, because of the new combat system(fpsish)).

    But the masses dont want old school pvp and sandbox games(which Darkfall basicly is), they favor more games like Warhammer with a simple and avoidable pvp system, at least my guess, this is also a reason why Guild War is as successful as it is. It is a pvp system, the most ppl know from all the other multiplayer games, deathmatches, and other simple forms of pvp. Easy to get in, easy to play and have success in just a few hours, with clear and simple targets to reach. Ok Warhammer is this in a lil bigger scale, but everyone will get familar with it, and so it will draw in the masses. Old School pvp is more about freedom, it is more chaotic, and the targets are not as clear and simple, it is a complete other beast, which i prefer personally a lil more. But nevertheless, i will also play Warhammer, and even if it is just for the fast action, similar to BF or any similar game.

    So yes, Warhammer is the next big hit, but will it beat WoW? I dont think so, although it can at least reach 1million subs.

  • CryptorCryptor Member UncommonPosts: 523
    1. You will not see Vanguard on 360, not anytime soon anyways.

    2. Vanguard is not in competition with WoW, nor is it trying to be.

    3. The only upcoming mmo that will be released on any console anytime soon will be conan.

    Next three big ones :

    1. Vanguard Q1 '07

    2. Conan Q2 '07

    3. Warhammer Q4 '07

    The biggest mmo in 07/08 will definetly be Warhammer, it is also the only one of the 3 that is trying to compete with WoW.
  • PhallPhall Member Posts: 54
    I agree with Warhammer Online having the best chances to become the next huge success in the MMOG genre. With EA Mythic's expertise I am very confident they will turn the Warhammer IP into something good avoiding DAoCs major flaws ( population imbalance, buff bots, artificial stupidity ), taking the best from it ( RvR ), from monitoring a certain Blizzard game and from the Warhammer IP of course.

    I guess they could reach a subscription number higher than one million for Europe and the US. Don't know about their Asian ambitions, though....

    Aion is the other game that might have what it takes to become a huge commercial success in 2007/2008.

    Personally I am most interested in
    Darkfall and LotR Online.

    The second one because I've "heard" the beta is already quite an enjoyable experience. I'm still wondering about what could be my motivation to play such a game for a long time and if the "monster play" will be sufficient for that.

    The first because of it's open PvP concept which is rarely found in modern MMOGs. It's developed by a very small team though which makes things much harder for them.

  • hadihadi Member Posts: 4
    I vote vanguard.  Iv'e personally been waiting for this game for a long time.  The forums are flooding with rumors on the open beta date right now as people are desperatly hitting their refresh button hoping to see it start.
  • harabasharabas Member Posts: 100
    VANGUARD is good but their client requires 20gig/pathces, i think, wtf!! And you'll also need some high end pc to run the game...


  • JustTurnerJustTurner Member Posts: 6

    I thought that i read somewere that they were working on setting so that the requirments for running Vanguard at a decent mode ( sure not top of the line, but well enoguh to play) jso that they could steal the average WoW player...well they didn't use those words exactly .. but that is what they gotta be thinking

  • EzionEzion Member Posts: 6
    Once Darkfall Online is released I bet it becomes the biggest FFA PvP game, surpassing AoC.

    For the mainstream carebear MMOs, WoW is going to rule that market for at least another year or 2.

  • DobbinDobbin Member Posts: 35


    Originally posted by Tinybina

    I think Age of Conan will be the next big thing.. There going after the mature crowd in this one, which will alow them to have a more realistic environment.  Also I believe Funcom learned there lesson from Anarchy Onlines launch, AO's launch was horrible but the expansion after launched pretty smoothed compared to other MMORPG's expansion.  Plus AO turned out to be a real indepth game which I believe AOC will be as well.
     I agree
  • DraedanDraedan Member Posts: 12
    Three that I think have the most potential:    

    Age of Conan


    Lord of The Rings Online
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