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next BIG mmorpg



  • vernonpunkvernonpunk Member Posts: 1
    I really wish that people would give other MMO's a fair chance before they rule them out. Comparing every new game tha come out to WoW isn't even fair, no less ignorant image. The game was not that good and I really think it's time for people to move on to bigger and better things.
  • BlackRozeBlackRoze Member Posts: 55

    well.....since Nightfall is already here, either the next guild wars platform
    OR! (bet u didnt' see this one commin)
    the next .Hack mmo (for the comp)

    Death's Little Helper, Watch your ass

  • DatacomDatacom Member Posts: 2

    Warhammer Online, warhammer fans  and old school rvr and pvp players waiting that game, like ME :D

    best pvp game

  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    Originally posted by SaintedOne
    Darkfall Online... Game Over.

    Agreed. People need to actually read up on this game instead of just saying "eww, open PvP" and assuming it will be mass ganking 24/7. The developers have successfully found a solution for every possible concern I've had about this game so far, and I see no reason why it won't be the next huge title on the market.

    EDIT: For those who ARE interested in reading up on this game, try's articles instead of the main website. IGN tends to do a better job of addressing common concerns along with the listed features.

  • ZalmoxysZalmoxys Member Posts: 2

    I'l put my money on Age of Conan.....i have a fealing

  • addiobaddiob Member Posts: 31
    ahh comeon guys the next big MMORPG for me will be diablo 3
    i cant wait image

    lets just hope greedy old blizzard entertainment dont ask for pay monthly for it.....

    but they probably will ... and this makes me sad
  • wolfeeewolfeee Member Posts: 9
    Fallen Earth ...It will become big.


  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170
    Age of Conan

    The first mmo to actually implement true competitive gaming(when not counting gw)


  • cybernexcybernex Member Posts: 26

    you guys are crazy :) the mmorpg that will shake thingd up will be Aion or exteel

    sooo :D


  • pureazurepureazure Member Posts: 148

    Harry potter online...when EA get round to making it.

    Even though im sure it wouldn't be most peoples cup of coffee, the potter fanbase has got to be huge.

    // The G&H Townhall - - a Gods and Heroes fansite

  • jddbulljddbull Member Posts: 5

    I think it will be Vanguard that becomes the next "Big" one.  However, I cant see it surpassing WoW in subscriptions until it has been out for awhile and has proven that it is as good at lvl 50 as it is at lvl 10.  If Vanguard has trouble keeping people engaged once they hit max lvl it may never come close to WoW.  If that is the case I would pick Warhammer as the one I am next most excited about, but there really isnt enough out yet to make any judments on it yet.

  • bozmobbozmob Member Posts: 2
    Well i think that it would be either Warhammer Online or Vanguard SOH  :P Wow will get old soon :P
  • avinaravinar Member Posts: 30
    I honestly think that SUN online might be a break through, together with Huxley and possbly Wiki. But since neither of these games have underwent a playtest, it's hard to tell, just guessing
  • AbsoluteDudeAbsoluteDude Member Posts: 241



    Gods and heroes

    Age of Conan




  • luconislordluconislord Member Posts: 5

    mmorpg i have tried

    everquest - get boring fast for me

    maplestory - nice to play but no time to level ... it become beri boring ifu tink the graphic sucks

    COH - nice game ... play and max characters but ... still cant hold me for long

    COV - even nicer ... had me on the game for like 6 months before i get bored at it

    Auto Assault - super nice game ... like the concept and am still playing it

    lineage 1 and 2 - still ok ... but i guess i am sick of fantasy game at this time

    Eveonline - nice space game ... but cant get me for long

    EnB - nice concept but crappy battle style ....

    Horizons - shitty game ... but try it cos of the dragon race

    DDO - nice touch to the combat and actions ...

    Guild wars ... a good pve type game

    planetside - nice mmofps ... love it .. esp the vehiclurs

    games i am looking forwad to ...

    TR - Tabula Rasa - hope it is better than planetside

    EnB2 - if there is one

    Zoids Online - if there is one

    Aion - seems nice ...

    Actually i love all games from plaync ...

    cheers !!






  • RyowulfRyowulf Member UncommonPosts: 664
    No game out of the box is going to beat WoW. A year or two to grow and develope a market, maybe.

    Also WoW in entering into the general pubic. Their numbers are likely to get even higher.

    What games have a chance?

    I would say the top choice has to be warhammer. It has the money, the fanbase, the depth and pvp.

    Many games are nice enough, but are either to bland or small to really draw in the huge numbers.

    Spellborn is to small to beat WoW.

    Lotro is to small and bland. Its based within a fixed timeframe with lore set in stone. And no pvp.

    Vanguard is to hardcore. Not so much the game, but the playerbase.

    Conan will have a mature rating, which while great will limit its player base.

    Other games like Startrek, Stargate, Marvel, and that game Bioware is making aren't far enough alone to gauge.

    Keep in mind, do you really want you favorite game to be huge? It it were then it would have a playerbase like WoW's.

  • jldavisjldavis Member Posts: 41

    My vote is Dreamlords! image

    Looks to be shaping up to a real kickass game!

    Other than that, Conan & PoTBS are on my 'must play' list.  image

  • Billius8Billius8 Member Posts: 574

    Originally posted by Settingsun
    No game out of the box is going to beat WoW. A year or two to grow and develope a market, maybe.
    Also WoW in entering into the general pubic. Their numbers are likely to get even higher.

    I know hindsight is 20/20, but I think EQ2, had they kept some of their core design values from EQ1, could have challenged WOW.  EQ was a big name and there were big, big expectations.  But they tried too many cutesy, limiting things that dumbed down the game.

    But, in the future, if a game takes WOW's basic angle on classes, races, skills, auctions, mailboxes, and combines this with a serious fantasy world (no cartoon graphics) with a significant death penalty, then I think we might see a promising new game.

  • agonzo11agonzo11 Member Posts: 52

    All level based games get old fast, especially if you aren't into grinding for levels. Unfortunately I don;t see any skill based games coming out any time soon. I look for three things in an MMORPG:

    1. Is SOE in any way involved in the game? If like Hell. If no, then go to number 2.

    2. Is it skill based or level based? If level will get old fast so no need to move on. If it is skill based then move on to number 3.

    3. Does it have a real and viable player market? Meaning, is there a need for player crafted items? If there is no real and viable player based market then it will get old and be dominated by the "twitch" crowd. If the game is dependant on a player market then it will have longevity and will be a game I personally would want to invest my time and money into.

  • mrf088mrf088 Member Posts: 29
    Yeah we dont know what it is yet but Biowares new mmorpg will be num 1.
  • SacfedSacfed Member UncommonPosts: 210

     I'm afraid that there is no game listed in development that will be blockbuster.  WoW did something that most games will never be able to do. Somehow Blizzard was able to feed "Crack" through the broadband connections.

     Oh well Archlord, which i'm playing now, is a fun PvP game. Im lreally looking forward to Aion or Lineage 3, they wont be blockbusters; however, they will keep me busy till something truley amazing is born in mmo's.

     Love you long time!
  • bigminubigminu Member Posts: 30
    5 games will have to compete ichother :SUN ; LOTRonline ; warhameronline ; aion and archlord but the biggest chance will have warhamer and LoTR--------sry about my bad english.
  • Cabe2323Cabe2323 Member Posts: 2,939

    Nothing is going to come close to the total number WoW was able to attain. 


    I think by the end of 2007 early 2008 we will see a different game with the most subscriptions, but I think it will only be in the 2-3 Million range as opposed to what WoW was able to accomplish.  A lot of MMO players now believe WoW not only was the first MMO but in a lot of cases they think it is the only MMO.  These people will see new games come out and will all kind of disperse between these new games.   But I highly doubt any game will have more of a commercial appeal then WoW has right now.  So, what ever highest number WoW hits will most likely be the Cap for quit a long time of Total MMO Players  (of course in conjunction with all of the people not playing WoW currently). 


    I think WAR will most likely be the next big game.  From reading about Vanguard you can already hear all of the gripes about elitist players (which will kill the overall numbers of the game) and then the elitist players are getting upset because they think Brad isn't sticking with thier Idea of what his Vision is.  I would guess Vanguard will end up somewhere in the 200k-500k range, which before WoW would be considered a pretty big success.  I would guess that WAR will end up somewhere in the 1M-3M range depending on how big it gets in Asia.   Of course depending on what Bioware makes as their MMO it could be huge.  If they go with something like a forgotten Realms or Dragonlance MMO or a KOTOR MMO I think they will have a giant hit.  Although I have a feeling they are more likely to go with something less visible maybe even their own personal IP. 

    Currently playing:
    LOTRO & WoW (not much WoW though because Mines of Moria rocks!!!!)

    Looking Foward too:
    Bioware games (Dragon Age & Star Wars The Old Republic)

  • It's either going to be WAR for the RvR combat dragging people in(plus the fact people think it looks like WoW...), Aion for it's amazing graphics and interesting PvPvE concept, or possibly StarTrek(if it's done properly) due to the sheer number of star trek fans who will gravitate to it...

  • kunriankunrian Member Posts: 9
    I haven't seen much hype as WoW, but  if they do ragnarok online 2 well, that will be very popular.

    Alothugh Yulgang/scions of fate is very popular in Japan or korea or something, so it may be popular here also.

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