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next BIG mmorpg



  • jankristjankrist Member Posts: 1

    it´s still far to go before this game is done but they have some damn good ideas

  • DominuzDominuz Member Posts: 38

    Originally posted by jankrist

    it´s still far to go before this game is done but they have some damn good ideas

    For now that seems alot in the idea stages only. Naming the obvious but I think it's hard to actually do. But they could offer a more dynamic mmo than any1 else, atleast try. A good game to keep an eye on never the less.
  • AiglosAiglos Member Posts: 6

    What about Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (, because it is an interesting game idea based on a great book that everyone knows.

    Or perhaps Roma Victor (, because it is one of the new, rare, historical MMORPG's and has some revolutionary game-play and game-content ideas in it.  Although its graphics are certainly lacking, and it has a ways to go before the game is finally finished.  I don't know why they released it now when its only half done...

  • TanglorTanglor Member Posts: 8

    Nothing I see in development really strikes me as being the next big MMO, nothing to compare with WoW's numbers, and I think alot of what helped WoW out was that they already had a hard core following of non-MMO players from their single player games, Warcraft I, II, etc so when WoW came out they had a ton of non-MMO players who all of a sudden jumped into the world of MMO's.  I think a lot of good MMO's are on their way and each will cater to a niche audience but none of them are going to blow the current games away,  Vanguard will not be the next big MMO as it seems to be catering to Hard Core players only, so in my opinion it will be a good niche game.

    My 2 cents


  • Peteman990Peteman990 Member Posts: 14
    I am gunna have to go with Age of Conan and/or Vanguard. As you say Vanguard might not become that popular because it is catered towards HC players. Age of Conan looks really appealing to me and it has a good combat system and all. Another runner-up might be LOTRO, but not sure how it will turn out in the end.
  • DelusiveDelusive Member Posts: 151
    There are so many pages, I dare not search to see if this has been mentioned. I for one am looking forward to DarkFall.

    It reminds me of the feeling I had when I first heard about Dark and Light...but tons better. Same basic concept, except they are not rushing it out. Very impressed by what I am seeing so far.

    Graphics look good. Plus it doesn't have this fake, cartoony feel I got from playing WoW. Full PvP, mounts you can fight from...just about everything I have been looking for. Shadow casting, tall grass to hide in, weather system, visible fatigue and battle damage. Oh, and let's not forget about a skill system.

    I just can't wait. Check it out, you may become a fan too.
  • Burberry25Burberry25 Member Posts: 22
    For me i would say it would be Aion

  • Tobler51Tobler51 Member Posts: 9
    i totally agree! AION: THE TOWER OF ETERNITY

    NCSOFT rulez @mmorpg
    gameplay rulez = flying...3 realms (2 playable 1 npc)... quick gameplay!!...fantastic optic!.....(at beginning)solo+raid-able....NO korean-grind-style!! fantastic animations!......players can make new environment!......8 classes at the endgame planned.

    i will love it.....2007!

    and a ActionMMO 2007 => HELLGATE:LONDON!!! FTW!!!!!!!1111oneonelevennightelves!! :P

    ~ Aion - QuakeWars - Hellgate - TiberianWars ~

  • LilithIshtarLilithIshtar Member Posts: 667
    I say Archlord will be the best. ^_^

    Independant, Shinto, Lesbian, and Proud!

  • DSDarkDSDark Member Posts: 4
    Personally, I would have to go with Africa.
  • ArthosArthos Member Posts: 4

    I'm guessing with everything from V:SoH to AL and Warhammer coming out.... WoW is going to start to die off very quickly (at least compared to its current 6+ million subscribers).

    I think in the coming, oh let's say 6 months, ArchLord is going to pull in some strong interest, and seemingly likely the higher for the time being.

    I'd say in the longer run though, Vanguard is going to be the heavy hitter. It's going to attract most HC gamers there are right now, as well as pull in many new ones. Will it be as hard hitting as WoW was? Not nearly, I think it's going to be hard for ANYTHING to achieve that ever again.

    And to whoever said Vanguard is coming out on the 360, I may be behind the news.... but I didn't think this was more then a rumor. Especially since Microsoft doesn't have the rights to the game anymore. Sony now has the rights, and with the PS3.... well I just don't see the 360 being a strong option anymore.

  • Shaman64Shaman64 Member Posts: 399
    Archlord looks like a very supped up Guild Wars , and if you want to play vanguard play eq1 or 2. Warhammer will be the next big mmo, while not big on pve it looks spectacular.


  • kirderfkirderf Member Posts: 6
    I really don't know what the next big one will be but I would love if it where Pirates of the burning sea in the nearest future followed by Star Trek Online when its shipped.

    Pirates is a dream I know as it will cater to a small audience, but ST:O will be huge just based on the name itself.
    If it manages to deliver whats needed to keep it huge is yet to be seen tough,,

    Most likely its going to be Vanguard or some other EQ/WoW clone and with Dark and Light failing big time, the market is open...

  • VaterexVaterex Member UncommonPosts: 379

    2Moons is my choice for the Next Big MMO. I am really looking foward to this game.

  • kirderfkirderf Member Posts: 6
    I had never even heard of 2moons.. I had a look, and I must say it looks good. I will be keeping an eye on this.

  • VaterexVaterex Member UncommonPosts: 379

    Originally posted by kirderf
    I had never even heard of 2moons.. I had a look, and I must say it looks good. I will be keeping an eye on this.
    Yep, 2Moons will be the most violent MMO ever. It is being directed to Mature auidences only. I cant wait for this game.

  • zerocoolzerocool Member UncommonPosts: 34
    2moons looks good. I'm curious about Warhammer though, but that could be from playing way back when


  • dragos666dragos666 Member Posts: 8
    Warhammer is gonna be a great MMO when it comes out.  Not sure how they are gonna do some of the stuff in it, but II'm still interested in tryin it out.
  • AquadorenAquadoren Member Posts: 12

  • vmpkoavmpkoa Member Posts: 5

    I'm putting my money on either Starcraft Online or GTA Online, but if we aren't talking hypothetically then i'd say MAYBE Warhammer, but i don't know if it'll surpass The Burning Crusade in popularity.

  • MercenarriMercenarri Member Posts: 5
    Four games I'm keeping an eye on, mainly the top one. I think all four of these are going to be the main big titles of 2006/7.

    Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar
    Phantasy Star Universe
    Age of Conan
    Warhammer Online

    Ragnarok Online 2 is looking good also.

  • BenAznBenAzn Member Posts: 18

    Lets see.....

    all these games are garbage to me now-

    EQ- Quit after 5yrs (possibly best mmo ever created EVER)   

    Asherons Call- Good game

    Anarchy Online- Meh Sci Fi is a turn off gave it a good 2 yr run

    DaoC- best pvp , RvR so far

    Horizons-crappy crap crap crap  this game had so much potential......

    WoW- Still playing but, am totally and utterly bored of it

    EQ2- nothing compared to original

    Games to look forward to

    -Pirates of the Burning sea(looked crappy but high custimization)

    -LOTR(lord of the rings fan)

    -Vangaurd(mmmm really good graphics)

    -Hero's Journey(Has good graphics Also)

    -Spellborn(good potential with cusimization)

    Game i want to play the most is........

    Pirates of the Caribeans-don't know if i spelt that right, Disney plans on making this, hopefully it isnt like that Toon Town garbage.....I enjoyed the movie alot

    flame on  


  • TrideonTrideon Member Posts: 18
    my money is on warhammer online, plenty of good PVP and simple enough to capture the imagination of many a lowly WoW fanatic. Got my hands on the game at GenCon and it looks to be a contender. Can't go wrong with Mythic + EA!

  • CisnetCisnet Member Posts: 33
    Lord of the Rings- Shadows of Angmar, I dont need your opinion unless I ask for it .

    This is it the next big Mmorpg.


  • burnyburny Member Posts: 4

    I doubt any game will be as big as WoW until the next Blizzard mmorpg is released.  Diablo or Starcraft MMORPG anyone?  Blizzard knows how to appeal to the avg person and not the average mmorpg player big difference and why I think a lot of people on this board hate WoW.

    I've met so many people playing WoW that didn't even consider themselves gamers before playing it.  That right there is the sign of success. 

    IMO only Bioware has a shot of taking the mmorpg crown from Blizzard because they have the name and a solid reputation for making good games but even then it's going to be hard.

    But as long as games are being made does it really matter if WoW is on top?

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