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A question of character creation

Just curious to see what everyone is interested in playing when this game comes out, as far as race and what ever class you'd like to be.

Playable Races (so far):





Myself, I was thinking about being a Stygian Warrior. What about you?


...and just for fun, heres an interesting poll...


...but time flows like a river...

...and history repeats...

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  • scotticusviiscotticusvii Member Posts: 3

    I just don't know enough about the differences, but a stygian warrior sounds pretty good.

    Old King Coleman

  • DoomsayerDoomsayer Member Posts: 344

    Cimmerian Barbarian Warrior King of Carnage!

    How can you be in the world of Conan, and play anything else?

    I need an good axe/sword, a loincloth, and something to smash. That's it. Oh and a hot babe as my reward of course.image


    Everything born must die. All that is, will come to ruin. This is the essence of Doom. So sayeth the Doomsayer.

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