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Naruto 2D MORPG

 Hey guys. I am interested in creating a small 2D MORPG based on the anime series "Naruto" I wouldnt like it to be too related to naruto. Mainly just the fact that the MORPG will contain bloodlines and chakra etc. I know how big of a task this is but im not looking to create anything amazing. Just a small free 2D MORPG. I have helped with a couple of small morpg's in the past and i am ok at 2D pixel art and 3D art/animation in maya. I'm not asking for a bunch of scripters and artists to join the team and make my dreams come true i am just looking to see what can be achieved and for the fun of it. I dont have a team as of yet but if anyone is interested please feel free to reply, IM me on msn or email me at: Blu3Rush@hotmail.com. Again just so you are clear i know how many kids have dreams about creating great P2P 3D MMORPG's with only a team of 4 or 5 people but i am not looking to create that. Just a pretty simple fun game image
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