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I have a dream *not when I sleep*

my dream is to see a game where the game has a protable consule but it will
have the shape of a character from a anime or manga like have u watched FF the series
where it coutains some cool & powerful characters well it would be them but when u 1st start out
u are lv.1. there are 3 worlds u can choose: heaven,underworld & mid land, & depednding on what u do in
each of 3 areas u can become the out cast in the mid but be sort of liked in heaven & underworld or be liked only by heaven u guys get what I mean. the figure/scultpure in its back by sliding down a panel there will be what u see in a gba to put yur headphones in except its not for headphones its a special kind of controller which u put on yur head & there will be a small screen in front of yur face that u will be sent into since the hands to use it are really yur mind since it is not immpossible since sicentist have been testing this.
the head gear would way around 1.0-1.5 lbs & the figure would way around 1.0-2.0 lbs. the head gear would be a 1 size fits all & the figure would be at least 6 inch tall on a stand which in the stand is the world but the figure needs to be there since it connects to the figure like lighting on a lighting rod. I hope u can understand what i mean & if I could name it I would name it: 3 key. which would be it since there are keys in each world but u find them u can just stand & chat or fight other players, but u start out on the world mid which is short for middle & as u do either good deeds or bad deeds that world respects u but if u want to be liked by
underworld do bad deeds like vandlise houses or kill players but there aint just players since each world has creatures like heaven has the mighty guardians & demigods mid has the commo samurai &sammruai underworld has demons & ogers
well the prce of this would be 20$ for the figure & stand while 60$ for the head gear *hey would u like paying 99.99$ for a gb sp*. I end my speach

to those who tease me tell me did u ever have a dream u would want to make real?


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