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why is this game said not to be a mmorpg?

lethallizardlethallizard Member Posts: 6

from some of the stuff ive heard ppl are saying this is not an mmorpg, why are the other games on this website different to this one? to me it just seems like anyother. cud one of use tell why this isnt a proper mmorpg and why.

lethal lizard


  • SojenSojen Member Posts: 76

    Well, let's not start another war whether or not this is MMORPG.

    I suggest you go check out the FAQs from the official

    They claim to be CORPG(cooperative online role playing game), which is slightly different from standard MMORPGS. Frankly, in my own opinion, there are various MMORPGS out there, there is no fix standard in which games have to follow.

    As long its Massive, Multiplayer, Online, Role Playing, Game. I couldn't care less.


  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    GW is just a different acsent of the MMO world.

    Much like "Wa-ter" and "war-der" Are both different ways to say water. Both are water... but people could argue for hours about which is correct. No one person would ever be right... It's just a matter of one opinion being more prominant in certain locations or groupages of people.

  • lethallizardlethallizard Member Posts: 6

    i thought all mmorpg's are co-operative, u can have teams, parties guilds, fight together.

    lethal lizard

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,956

    Let's just say it feels like any MMO until you start playing and you notice the differences. Quite frankly, had this been the first mmo ever created then all MMo's would be compared to GW's.

    This has many aspects of MMO's but in many ways it does not (such as the instanced world, one main quest to go through for lvling etc.)

    It feels like Diablo except that you have arena fighting (never having played Diablo online I don't know if there was pvp in that game).



  • spydermr2spydermr2 Member Posts: 336

    Originally posted by lethallizard
    from some of the stuff ive heard ppl are saying this is not an mmorpg, why are the other games on this website different to this one? to me it just seems like anyother. cud one of use tell why this isnt a proper mmorpg and why.

    I don't want to start a flaming war, and this isn't to flame the game, either. It's just to answer the question.

    I don't regard GuildWars as an MMORPG and I think the developers were wise to create their own term. Notice, specifically, that they (correctly, to those who define MMORPG as I do) removed the MM from the genre heading and replaced it with C (cooperative). Why? Because, to be "massively multiplayer", at least to me (and far more than simply myself, judging from the umpteen-thousand other posts on the issue, and since the developers themselves thought to come up with their own term, they must also be aware of the flaw of using the term MMORPG), means that you share and interact with all those other players in the game-world. In GuildWars, outside the city, anywhere in the world you go, you will ONLY see yourself and those you specifically brought with you. You occupy the gameworld BY YOURSELF and/or with your specific team ONLY. That's the result of choosing to instance the gameworld outside the cities -- there is no "massively multiplayer" if you're in the wilderness (aka the gameworld outside the cities).

    That's why people say it. To lots of us, massively multiplayer means that we're sharing the gameworld with all those other "massively multiplayer" people -- not roaming the bulk of the gameworld's geography in our own, unique, solitary instance.

    Again, folks, this is NOT a flame on the game. The OP asked a question: could one of "use" tell why this isn't a proper MMORPG and why (with respect to the first part of his question, about how some people don't regard it is an MMORPG). This is just the answer. Doesn't mean it's "right" (and it doesn't mean that it's "wrong", either).

  • emdtemdt Member Posts: 325
    Well, GW is just trying to make a point that isnt like the rest of the genre

    Guild Wars
    -Danish Kokor-lvl 20 monk/mesmer
    -Ettarde Aoi- lvl 7 warrior/ranher
    Maple Story
    -Danish-lvl30 Hunter
    -kokore-lvl8 Mage
    -Lady Ettarde-lvl 58

  • exanimoexanimo Member UncommonPosts: 1,301

    your post is very clear , and explains it very well , there is no one world with all people in it ...

    but for me , since all mmorpg , have servers , and one char cant travel from server to server , its just a matter of size of worlds .. a real mmorpg as they call it , as huge worlds , with paralel dimentions under diferent server names , you chose one and stick to that one ..

    gw on the other way , as lots of mini servers , and you can jump from one to another with one single char ... there are 3 territories , true , but you can meet people from every territory in international districs , so this game is more massive then the real massive multiplayers , in my point of view.

    but becose it as a diferent virtual way of dealing with sharing worlds , people say its not massive

    its a problem of accepting new virtual reality systems

    in guildwars you can chat with any player that is online world wide

    but is also true that you cant make 50 person riots , in outposts where all the people meet , its war free

    a max of 8 players at the same time go to war , for quests and missions or agains other 8 person human team

    this is why people say its not massive , cose 8 person is not a mass ...

  • lethallizardlethallizard Member Posts: 6

    thanx ppl, i clearly understand now, i bought just yesterday, and i agrea on wat you guys say.

    though mine is a little laggy.

    lethal lizard

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