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Hero's Journey: Exclusive Screens, Week #19

In the 19th week of this screenshot series - which begins a one week break next week - we bring you three images that show off both the group combat moves and the new body type slider the team added to their human characters.

It is suggested that you view the images in order from left to right (or by clicking on the left most image and cycling through).

#19 (08.30.05)" height="90" src="/images/screenshots/082005/thumbs/4544.jpg" width="120" alt="image" />

#19 (08.30.05)" height="90" src="/images/screenshots/082005/thumbs/4543.jpg" width="120" alt="image" />

#19 (08.30.05)" height="90" src="/images/screenshots/082005/thumbs/4542.jpg" width="120" alt="image" />

Thanks to Simutronics and we look forward to more in two weeks!

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  • NalvestNalvest Member Posts: 22

    It looks cool but does it actually make a difference?  Is there incentive in the game to do this type of thing?

    Is it going to be overly complicated and coordinated to do this type of thing?

    Also, this is the only move I've heard about.. will there be others?

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