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Shot Online: New Guild Master Policy

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Shot-Online Developers have announced a new policy regarding the transition of Guild Masters. In the case where one Guild Master wishs to step down and another take his/her place, both parties must e-mail the developers. The change should take place within a week.

Policy on changing the Guild Master

Dear, SO Members
Since increasing demands on the policy regarding changing the guild master, we are providing following information. Please read thoroughly in order to make changes.

- Guild master who wishes to be withdraw from the guild master status, email at [email protected] with the reason (why you wish to withdraw and who[character name] is going to be appointed for the next guild master. And include your agreement to change in guild master status), user id, character name and password. Title the email [Guild Master Change Part1].

- One who is going to be new guild master must email at [email protected] with agreement to accept the guild master status, user id, character name and password.
Title the email [Guild Master Change Part2].

- After 1 week from receiving both parties¡¯ email, Shot-Online will make changes if there is no objection by the guild members.

- Changing guild master status is allowed once in a month only.
Thank you.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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