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World of Warcraft: Alterac Valley Tips

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Blizzard makes our lives just that much easier with this brand-new page of Tips for play in the Alterac Valley Area. With tips on everything from loot to quests, from general tips to specifics, this page is sure to improve your gameplay.

Stock-up on Supplies
Before entering the Battleground, see if you can find a Mage to summon level-60 water and food for you. You should pay or tip them for it, but if they give it to you for free, that's even better. This will save you from spending money on food or water at the vendor and lets the Mage earn some cash.

Get the Quests
There are some quests located outside of Alterac Valley. Pick up all the quests in front of the tunnel and near the instance door. There are a lot of Alterac Valley quests, so you'll need to free up some room in your quest log. There are also some quests located on signs. Don't miss those.

Enter the Queue
You can go to the Battlemaster in either Ogrimmar (Horde) or Ironforge (Alliance) to enter the Battleground queue. You can also just enter from Alterac Valley. Once you sign onto the queue, remember that you can do whatever you want while you wait. You can use your hearthstone to port back to town to learn trade skills, check out the auction house, or send mail. You can also head off elsewhere into the world and work on some easy quests or kill monsters for loot and reputation gain. Once the Battleground is ready, you can enter it from wherever you are...

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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