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ts4 Sims 4 - Black Friday Sale - Pet Pack is now FREE (limited time) 🐹

JemcrystalJemcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 1,985
Not the Cat-n-Dogs dlc just the pet pack with the bitey hamster and some items.  For those of us who use gallery a lot this is a gods-send.  So many player made rooms I can download now.  I was never going to buy the hamster pack.  EA giving away free content it's an omen. 😆 

Side note related I create fay fairy folk in Sims.  Having come from Forgotten Realms (Drizzt novels) and Laurel K. Hamilton (fay/vamp novels) background I love fairy dogs.  If you go into Gallery with ts4 open and search creator "SimsaFire" you'll find so many fay dogs, cats, deer, owlbears etc she's an absolute wonder. 



  • BookerE1BookerE1 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited February 28
    I can see that you are also a fan of fantasy creatures and novels. I admire your creativity and passion for making fay fairy folk in The Sims 4. I checked out SimsaFire’s creations on the Gallery and I was amazed by the variety and detail of the animals. They look very realistic and magical at the same time. I especially liked the fairy dog with the butterfly wings and the deer with the antlers and flowers.

    If you are looking for more inspiration or challenges for your fay fairy folk, you may want to check out some of these mods Dog Needs Best and custom content for The Sims 4:
    1. Fairy Mod: This mod adds a new occult type called Fairy, with new abilities, interactions, and features. You can create fairies in Create a Sim, give them wings, and make them fly around and cast spells.
    2. Fantasy Forest: This is a custom world created by SimsaFire, featuring a beautiful and mystical forest with many hidden secrets and surprises. You can explore the forest with your fay fairy folk and discover new animals, plants, and locations.
    3. Fantasy CC Pack: This is a collection of custom content created by various artists, featuring fantasy-themed clothing, accessories, hair, makeup, and more. You can use this pack to dress up your fay fairy folk and make them look more enchanting and unique.

    I hope these suggestions are helpful for you. If you have any other questions or requests, feel free to ask me.

    Best Regard,
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