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Diablo Immortal Season 20: Unholy Passengers Leads into Next Update, Adds Battleground Updates | MMO

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 12,599
edited November 20 in News & Features Discussion
imageDiablo Immortal Season 20: Unholy Passengers Leads into Next Update, Adds Battleground Updates |

Diablo Immortal is preparing for its next major content update, but before that arrives, here comes the Season 20 Battle Pass and seasonal theme: Unholy Passengers.

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  • IceAgeIceAge Member EpicPosts: 3,081
    I know, I know ..

    Diablo Immortal bad, the worst, etc, at least from the "hoard" of haters POV.

    Now one must wonder, how is it that D:I gets this score on Android...

    4.7 star 1.32M reviews


    4.6 • 222.2K Ratings on iOS

    ..and Diablo 4, which literally, from their point of view is better than "the worst game in Diablo history" : Diablo Immortal , gets scores like 1 out of 10 on metacritics, or 5 out of 10 on Steam ?

    ...because the haters can't create lots of free accounts on iOS and Android and cast their hate 1 start vote.

    So its clear that whoever says "look at Diablo 4 score, lololololo worst game in history@#@#@!!" , etc has no credibility.

    Case closed! :)

    Reporter: What's behind Blizzard success, and how do you make your gamers happy?
    Blizzard Boss: Making gamers happy is not my concern, making money.. yes!

  • NeoyoshiNeoyoshi Member RarePosts: 951
    Mobile gaming scores on their respected platforms are something of an anomaly; the scores themselves tend not to paint a accurate picture of the game itself, as it's commonplace to instantly give a mobile game a 5star score since we are talking about a finger/thumb gesture that the average person just wants to get through and forget about.

    With mobile games, i tend to look at the downloads, when the most recent review(s) were on the mainpage, and when the most recent update for the game was.

    That said, Diablo Immortal from my recollection was never framed as a 'bad' game from a design standpoint, at least i never thought it was a poorly designed game; -it just did some really awful leveraging of it's microtransactions that sadly scared the piss out of most of its user-base; creating instances within those first months where players couldn't match up in multiplayer due to huge gear disparity that said microtransactions created.

    Diablo Immortal isn't the first mobile game to make these types of mistakes with it's cashshop services; Black Desert Mobile made a lot of these same types of mistakes during it's launches; the differences that i've been able to see personally is that BDM introduced methods and content to help lower the power desperately gaps between f2p and p2p players.

    The main issue i see with mobile games in general; is that there is zero incentive to implement fair gameplay mechanics with it's cashshop systems from the outset; because there is no profit in ir to do so right away; and the markets have taught mobile game devs that the only way to make it, is to do these large pushes for microtransactions at game launch when the player base is at it's highest.

    Okey so i kind of went off on a little tangent. Sorry. xD

    Fishing on Gilgamesh since 2013
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