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how has the new mmorpg rules in China effected Shadowbane servers?

YellowratYellowrat Member Posts: 7

I know the one newer server was dominated by chinese guilds---at least 50% of the population were chinese.....And it caused problems in that, since the US time zones and chinese time zones were about 12 hours apart, the sieging schedules weren't really working out----so what's the effect of those 2 new chinese laws curbing mmorpg playing on that server?

something like you lose your subscription to your mmorpg if you are 18 or under and play more than 3 hours at a time----law roughly like that....sorry i forget specifics.

-Yates "Yellowrat" Bast


  • KlorinKlorin Member Posts: 37

    Shadowbane isn't one of the monitored MMOs atm and it is more of a casual game anyways i only log in for 3 hours to pvp...

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