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Im thinking of getting this game so well here u go




  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,870
    It has a short life span in my opinion and will only keep you interested for two maybe three months tops.

  • K2theKK2theK Member Posts: 67

    I gave it a 3. It was Ok

    Not really any better or any worse overall than most of the other major mmorpgs.

    I played worse mmorpgs, but played better ones too.

    Mind you...that can be said about alot of mmorpgs lately...they all seem very average. Not like the good old golden age of mmorpgs back in 1997-1999, before every game company and their dog jumped onto the mmorpg bandwagon.


  • lyonman24lyonman24 Member Posts: 855


       ok well you have to look at it this way all games out there are a treedmill for xp or skill so any game you have to deal with that. and i understand some people hate this game and some dont. so go buy it and try it out yourself. and your experience playing all depends on who you meet in the game. me and my wife have meet some really cool ppl in daoc. i meet know one in EQ that would lend me a hand when i tried it for a month so im soured on EQ. but try them both see what you like.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820
    Ive played non-stop and my level 20 hunter [yes I changed AGAIN!] is not old. He may have been lvl 20 for 6 hours but he is not old ...yet. It is a beautiful game. The sound effects are great. The class system is possibly the best out there and there is a large variety of monsters. RVR is pretty neat. Watch as 60 Midgaurdians fight 30 Albions from their fort. The Midguardians outnumber the Albions by many but the albions have 4 trebuchetes which crumble the inside soilders. The treadmill that. Repetitiveness of fighting solo till lvl 20 is also a biter. If you started..nnnnnow and devote a good 3 hours a night or 20 hours over the weekend you might be able to make lvl 50 [top lvl] by mid January. A nice way to shorten this is to join a guild and have them PL you ever so slightly if you don't have the time to devote to your character. I also hate the fact that kill tasks are dead after 20 and that you must skip some levels [1-20] without them. 10-15 tasks to level or 100 blue monsters-What would you pick? Overall its a great game and will hold you for months, Esspecially with the new exp. coming out. All the water will be added to the realms as walkable territory [walk under water with magic] and therefore the size of the realms will be significenly increased. Level 1-5 is also not fun when all you want to do is class test to find your style of playing. Buy the gold pack on saturday and you will be level 25-30 by the time the exp. comes out.


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  • hardwarehardware Member Posts: 11
    Love it.  I was fortunate and got in great guild early.  RVR rocks but you have to know how to play your char.  And when you run with an experienced team you rarely lose.  the battle grounds are a mess.  It is expected for this is where you learn how to work as a team against other players. 

  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786
    I'm buying it but i still don't know what character to get... Nothing in Hiberneria, maybe something in albion or midgard.

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  • Sensei_KaelsSensei_Kaels Member Posts: 277
    end game rvr blows... IMO.. its all long range casters-stealthers-pr zergs.. rarely do you get a fair 1group vs 1 group fight.. and when you do there are like 3 archers pecking off at onna yas. there are both fun, and boring aspects of the game.. but ide have to say that until others come out, like WoW or eq2 or Horizons, its the best you can get.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    Not really. Its more like whoever controls the most seige weapons. Anyways, go for Albion Merlin server. they need more people and Albion classes are great fun. Hibernia population in Merlin is a joke-some 500. Anyways, get the game now. I mean NOW. The game is gonna be desserted by next February so get the most out of it now.


    "Whoever controls the media controls the mind..-'Jim Morrison"

    "When decorum is repression, the only dignity free men have is to speak out." ~Abbie Hoffman

  • EblisEblis Member Posts: 14
    Dont get it, The game is taking a slow painful Death. The newest expansion getting ready to come out Toa, is a last ditch me to kinda effort on myhthics part. People are leaving left and right from getting screwed over.

  • FergusFergus Member Posts: 3

    To be fair, It is a nice litttle game. The graphix are great. the content is huge, the pple are fairly nice, to a point. Since ToA came out there has been a swing in "Niceity" level of the game. You do get a bit more griefing and "elitism" attitude. Due to the fact that grouping "steals" exp from artifacts now, and many pple want to get in and out as quickly as possible as far as arti's are concerned. so they prefer not to group now.

    I gave the game a 3 as it was real good for about 2 years. then you hit the "I'm 50 now, now what do I do" phase of the game. you can either craft some more, pve some more or farm ToA for high value "junk" as I call it. some are real nice, most sell real well in market place. but no matter what you choose here - you have done it all for the last 2 years. ok - so you have a new shiney axe but its really still the same ole thing.

    You could go RvRing - and that might even be fun for a while - but sooner or later - you will get bored of that - and your friends will all get bored too, as has happened to me. Ouot of my circle of friends of maybe 10-12 pple that I ALWAYS hunted with, 2 are left ingame - and with me teetering on the edge of leaving - they are now thinking about the same -

    Cant tell you how the lowbies have it, again as we raise our alts we generally make em together and level em together. I can say that while I have invited strangers into my groups, most are alts themselves and only looking for a group cause their regular groupies are not on or doing something else. Seems like it would be tough starting from scratch now.

    Still all in all, a very good game. Like all games, it has a life span and this one seems like its about 2 years as I have been playing for almost 3 and for the last year, been fed up and bored even while exploring the new lands and meeting new pple. I would recommend this game if you have patience and can stick to something even when it sucks, which this game does not suck, but soloing does suck in the worst way. and hunting for 4 hours and dieing once and seeing all that EXP go away is frustrating as hell.

    Good luck with the game if you decide to try it. If ya need any plat let me know, selling all mine as I gear up to leave town. lol -

  • brostynbrostyn Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,092
    I've said it a million times, ToA killed this game. I am hoping Catacmobs fixes this, so that is why I am resubscribing.

  • HellscreamHellscream Member UncommonPosts: 98

    Alright, i re activated my account after buying and cancelling the game before any of the expansions came out. Honestly, Im glad i did, With the new frontiers out this game is better than ever, I may still keep playing it when world of warcraft comes out. Im planning on buying the platinum edition that comes out on friday, I just look at the screens of SI and ToA, and i cant wait to pick it up, I already love the game. But now its going to Rock.


  • FergusFergus Member Posts: 3

    Well after a night in BGs on my little hunter, I am not sure about the game anymore. First of all on my main got totally screwed in the NF as the dang servers keep crashing. so I load up my little hunter and before I get out the PK door, Have pple spamming group invite (this never happened before) - so I accept one and move off. Well not long after that my group gets slaughtered, good thing I am not with them huh? - they yell at me for not saving them, like a hunter could save 7 mids from a zerg. Itell em I am a stealther and go it alone as I always have and leave group. I find MB and the CK - gotta say, pretty cool graphix to this point. I kill a few albs as they are stupid enough to just sit down and med right there on the floor infront of me. All of a sudden I get spammed a few more group invites. I accept one and let em know that I am a loner and wont run with group - but will keep up informed of my where abouts and the loc of the bad guys. That group gets wiped as the zerg over takes the bridge. I stand back a plink a few albs to death and run away - come back and do it again.

    This is how it went pretty much the entire night - as a solo I ran into a few problems and died a couple of times, but man, it was zerg city. Mids would zerg up and run right into the damn alb zerg every time. me and a few other hunters were hanging round the edges of the battle picking off wounded, or interupting the healers. There were over 70 lowbies in BG when I was there - I had a good time - made 140 RP in one night in Thid - never before have I approached that total -

    This cant last surely, but that was a lot of fun. If only the big guys frontier could be as fun. While talking to the guild and reading the /as - the big guys had it hard, and few of them liked it much. several logged and rolled a got on there lowbies and headed to BGs after I told them what I was doing.

    Not real sure what you can draw from this as like I say, I spent about 2 hours in frontiers and most of that was travelling, stupid boats and dropping you in water far from any where. When we finally rallied and got where we were going, the server crashed. But man, was BG 1 fun. I hope that this game does not deteriorate to a battle in the bg's but for the world last night I would say that I will be hanging roung the bg's a lot more then frontiers. no I realize that the zerg of visible pple may not have had nearly as much fun as I had as I was stealthed and could go places and set up shots that they could not. many of them left in a huff last night calling the zerg stupid as they left.

    The only thing I can say for sure, is that Hunters have the advantage on most Mid chars in the BGs as they are now. Dont know if that translates to an advantage in Frintiers when my hunter grows up or not, thinking ot wont.

    anyway theres my experience from my 1st night in frontiers and BGs. I dont know if you call frontiers a real shot. After server chrashed I logged in disgust. I may have to give that another try in a few days after they fix the lag issues (lagging off a boat sould never happen, yet I was not the only one it happened too). It does seem a waste to pay for this game to play a 24 hunter as my main when I have 3 50. I know that I do like the BGs - if thats the case and Frontiers is a laggy mess, I will sell my accounts and move on. this aint what I bought it for.

  • BlackstickBlackstick Member Posts: 9

    Reasons not to get DAoC:

    1 - New Frontiers.  Worst expansion (free or retail) ever.  Essentialy with NF they have nullified the use of tanks.

    2 - ToA.  Unless you spend the majority of your time in the game, you won't even compare to those who do.  ToA = massive PvE fest, with MLs that take 12 hours to complete (yes 12), artifacts that you need to level yourself (plus you have to farm 3 scrolls to activate it, and more often than not getting the artifact itself is incredibly hard, and the drop rates aren't always 100%).

    3 - New players aren't welcome.  Groups will be hard to find, everyone has a buffbot that's lvl50 and many just solo with their bot to lvl50.  Grps are sporadic to come by, and if you're new to the game, it'll take you 13 days /played to get to lvl50 (that's how long it took me, I've heard many who needed a lot, lot more). 

  • Albion74Albion74 Member Posts: 2
    i play this game for 3 years and i have 2 50's on midgard gawaine, after that got bored i started a hib on merlin and now i have many fun again! GREAT GAME!!!!

  • tu_uilwentu_uilwen Member Posts: 794

    Idk I thought this game was not bad at all...but I personally like EQ the best.....

    But I did love the fronteer and the bg's and stuff.....

    I love the crafting to 1000+ lvls......

    I love the colored weapons and glowing weapons.....

    I mean I love all the spells and skills and abilities....and all that.....

    But idk...somehtign about it is not like EQ at all and I jsut love eq so much hting i didn't like was the fact that you could now OWN a had to get horse tickets.....but then wasn't somehtign that made me quit.......

    idk...but i really liked the graphics of eq alot better for some reason..and i liked the community and everythign better.....

    and I hated the whole economy...I mean I like the whole

    but man

    100 or 1000 g=1p

    I mean if you have 1 have no life lol...i mean if you have enuff time to get 1 m then dang really need to get out more or get a job or pick up a hobbie man.....

    Idk thats just me....

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  • BladinBladin Member UncommonPosts: 1,089

    okay i consider it to be a really good game so i gave it a 4, its alot better then most of the other games out. Anyway the 2 main beefs, not mine but in general.

    1. Giving RvR a actual war aspect, now you actually have to act like its a war with keep sieges etc. now theres actually a point to it, and you just dont run around like a group of retards and just attack anyone you see, now you got to take castles and stuff like that. I like it, it gives it a purpose to battles.

    2. Too much effort to get stuff, you see the problem who complain about ToA are the ones that actually got used to not having to do any work. Its like they got so used to not having to farm after 50 to be effective, and now they actually have to do stuff, and they dont want to get off their asses to do it.

    For me these expansions didnt ruin the game, it just got rid of the whiners that like to have things easy and with no real purpose. I dont know what these people are thinking, do they expect to find any other game where you dont have to farm? Most involve work and will involve ALOT of work, except for GW, which is not a mmorpg IMO, to you maybe.

    You see i like the PvE as much as the PvP i just rolled a necro and hes level 46 now, going for 50 =D, for farming and pling, but you see i have enjoyed leveling him without RvR, i love the grind, its nice and when you level you actually get stronger, there are alot of items and alot of features. Its a must play, but if you like games where you dont have to do any work or do any grind, go back to single player games...


  • noobletnooblet Member Posts: 2,274

    Originally posted by rathma
    I'm buying it but i still don't know what character to get... Nothing in Hiberneria, maybe something in albion or midgard.

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  • TrebekTrebek Member Posts: 266

    Let me C&P my review for you:

    Ive played DAoC for over 2 years, and had several characters on all the realms, and I have to say, of all the MMO's Ive played, DAOC is the best. It is very diverse, and not too slow, like some others. The Community is decent, and RP is good on RP servers, but poor on all others. Those are the good points of the game. Now on to the bad. Instead of a Rant, Ill just make a list of things mythic did to screw the game up, and things they dont do to fix it. (these are ranked in order)

    1. The Grind. We all know mmo's have the grind. (most of em) and that's ok. But the introduction of ToA was a mistake. Camping for numerous hours to get a peice of gear that has a 24 hour respawn rate is rediculous, let alone the fact that you have to level the item after you get it. Getting an artifact to level 10 is usually excruciating.

    2. Timesinks. Crafting in particular. In order to be a crafter, you have to spend Months on your skill, not to mention insane amounts of money. Mythic keeps adding things that you MUST do in order to stay competitive in the end game, so that they keep you longer, when the content should keep you, not the chore of the timesinks. Things Like Masterlevels, Artifacts, Spellcrafting, all fall into this category.

    3. Blatant Hacking/Cheating. Namely RADAR users. People use radar in PVP to see where enemies are. These people roam the frontiers destroying everything in thier path, because they do not fear the suprise attack. What they lack in skill, they make up for in numbers and hacking. Mythic refuses to deal with this, and handed out paltry 1-day bans to a few offenders, then turned a blind eye. If you cant control the cheaters, dont expect people to want to pay for your game. this is the #1 reason i stopped playing Diablo online, and 1 of the 2 reasons i quit daoc. Reason #2 Below.

    4. Buffbotting. If you arent going to run 2 pc's and pay for 2 accounts, dont expect to be competitive int he endgame pvp. All the real PVPers use buffbots (2nd account with a buffing class to buff them to the hilt for pvp) These bots sit at portal keeps where you cannot kill them, and if the buffed player dies, he just rebuffs on re-entry. Buffs need to be ranged, so that people who do not have 2 computers, or are not willing to pay for 2 accounts can have a chance. This would solve this problem, but hurt Mythic's profit, so they refuse to balance this. This was the second reason i quit daoc.

    5. HORRIBLE customer service. Im not going to go into detail, because most MMO's have bad customer service, and if you have ever had a problem with that game (that didnt prevent mythic from getting their money) they will not help you with that problem. If the problem stops you from paying them, they are on it like a fat kid on a donut.

    Now you may wonder why i said this was the best MMO i have played, yet list all these bad things about it. Sadly, imo, this is the best game on the market currently, and if it werent for these 5 problems, I would never have stopped playing this game. Mythic chooses money over quality, which is stupid imo, because if they banned all the radar users, made buffs ranged, yes they may lose some money, but they would make it back and then some with additional people subscribing to what could be the best MMO out there.

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