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This game is old, but good (again)

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So I had this urge to play something old since newer MMOs are boring the hell out of me with their quest hub treadmills ect.... so I figured I would give ATITD a try again. I've tried it before, didn't understand it's appeal at the time, but now being older and wiser I felt it would be right up my alley.

Sure it's old as hell, graphics are really outdated; but it has a certain charm to it for me. If you like crafting and a chill small community then this game is a nice diversion from the regular hustle and bustle of mainstream MMOs. No combat, just crafting and gathering, though there are some competitive elements to it, which have yet to reach. It's pretty addicting for now. I can see getting bored in a few months, but it's fun for now since I have lots to make and do.

Honestly it sorta reminds me of SWG in the early years when you had to run everywhere, fast travel had a timer, everything was a time sink, gathering was a slow and manual process, but as you progressed it got easier and faster. Like SWG you can sorta get lost in the wilds for hours, find interesting things to look at, wonder why someone built their house here in literal BFE. There are resources everywhere, but starting out you don't see or understand how to get them until you learn....which brings me to another point....learning in this game is cool. You don't just unlock all the skills, some you have to go to school (which you trade resources for knowledge) or travel to a university to learn. Better than 'click here to advance'.

I could go on and on, but won't...just try the 24 (actual hours) demo. Start in starter area, finish quests there, pack stuff up and head to Egypt...follow the tasks, to folks in main chat. Also ask if anyone has empty jugs and good flax seeds....this you find early on is very important. 

This is one game I feel could use a remaster; but the develers don't have the resources to do so, forever it will be as it is, which I guess could be a good thing.

 I know most of you folks probably don't care about a game like this, but in case you like crafting, check it out I guess.
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