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What You Can Expect from Profane's First Combat and Movement Tests, and How to Apply

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 10,084
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  • ALossOfTimeALossOfTime Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    Isn’t combat something that’s usually developed internally to a certain level playability before it’s even tested outside of the development team? Like, what’s the point of inviting people to test combat with placeholder assets and animation? Just get to beta then spam out tweets about your “progress”
  • KatagiriKatagiri Member UncommonPosts: 58
    I played the early early test some years ago, it was only for Brazilians that time AFAIK... it can be a good game but I don't like mandatory PvP with full loot... I live in Rio de Janeiro, I already have those IRL.
  • AngrakhanAngrakhan Member UncommonPosts: 66
    edited May 16
    Yeah sorry, not signing up to be your free QA tester. Granted I have zero interest in a gankbox like this, but even so my time is more valuable to me than burning it playing your buggy ass alpha build and filling out bug reports for free.
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