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The Top 5 MMORPGs on Google Play (By Total Downloads)

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  • DarkZorvanReturnsDarkZorvanReturns Member UncommonPosts: 105
    I've filed this article under SPAM.
  • kernomkernom Member UncommonPosts: 12
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    "and now, with native android support with Windows 11, playing Sky on PC has never been easier."

    Can anyone who has tried this confirm that this is actually the case?
  • SplattrSplattr Member RarePosts: 307

    I've filed this article under SPAM.

    Of course you did.
  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 11,593
    kernom said:
    "and now, with native android support with Windows 11, playing Sky on PC has never been easier."

    Can anyone who has tried this confirm that this is actually the case?
    I was able to play it on Bluestacks. I think you still need to jump through a few installations before you get windows 11 to install android apps natively.  Once you do, it shouldn't be an issue getting it to run, but if you want to play on PC, Bluestacks should still work really well, so I don't even think you need to fiddle with windows 11 at all. If you're on windows 10 I wouldn't even bother worrying about upgrading.

  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 22,260
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    Android apps don't get installed natively per se. They work through WSL2 and Hyper-V. There is a "built-in" Android VM in Windows 11. Enabling that allows a version of the Amazon Fire store to be installed through the Windows Store.

    You can install Bluestacks, or another emulator/VM layer but that is a separate but workable solution to the built-in solution offered by Microsoft. Even through Bluestacks you don't install them natively to the Windows OS. You run the APK through an emulation layer.

    There are also Android VMs you can run that work really well. I haven't tried to run one through Hyper-V (which is what I use now) though, but I did on Boxes (libvirt + qemu) on Fedora and VirtualBox on Window.

    edit: I forgot to mention there are unofficial WSA installers for APKs on the Windows Store too. That doesn't give you Google Play, but lets you install the APK.
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  • VidahrVidahr Member UncommonPosts: 59
    Toram Online was actually super fun. I got into it when it released on Steam and I've been pleasantly surprised as I made my way to endgame (which took a long time).

    I didn't have to buy anything to play the entire game and I was able to farm the endgame bosses.

    It's kind of similar to Monster Hunter where you fight individual big bosses for mats to craft gear.
  • TalraekkTalraekk Member UncommonPosts: 96
    Just an aside, not. a per se segment of mmos, Blue stacks works wonkily. I've run it on both amd and intel vid and cpus and frankly, it worked way better on intel, hands down. It still required me to adjust motherboard settings, even mid brands (amd/intel ati/intel).. I frankly cannot get bluestacks to work consistantly, no matter my cpu/vid combo. But pure intel/nvidia cpu/vid it worked.... almost perfectly. I would genuinely love more support, but don't rely on it.
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