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Square Enix Has 2 New Kingdom Hearts Games on the Way |

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 12,599
edited April 2022 in Videos Discussion

imageSquare Enix Has 2 New Kingdom Hearts Games on the Way |

Dust of your keyblades and don your Mickey Mouse ears, Square Enix has posted a new trailer that shows off two different Kingdom Hearts games. As Square-Enix celebrates the games' 20th anniversary, the extraordinarily successful franchise has a lot more left in the tank, and if the new trailer is any indication, there's still a lot of stories left to tell.

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  • TalraekkTalraekk Member UncommonPosts: 271
    Look, I love the KH series. But considering how much you miss if you only play the main..... you know... SERIES, has me at a huge crossroads here. KH 1, awesome. KH 2, So much better. But between them, and KH3 there are a ton of games spanning multiple platforms. And nearly every game is different in terms of playability. Action battles to card battles, wtf is going on here. Frankly speaking, they'll probably lock 2/3s of the story to ios, meaning us plebs will be once again going what in the /bleep. It's probably the only real mishandling of a franchise I can recount.
  • WarlyxWarlyx Member EpicPosts: 3,364
    KH IV looks original at least
  • AstropuyoAstropuyo Member RarePosts: 2,178
    They really gonna use the same mobile engine from the last game they just shut down.

    That's some balls. Well done SE.
  • ashiru_1978ashiru_1978 Member RarePosts: 818
    Never saw the appeal of mixing anime characters with Goofy from Mickey Mouse.
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