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Star Trek Online's Next Chapter, Stormfall, Continues Its Story In The Mirror Universe |

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 12,599
edited April 2022 in Videos Discussion

imageStar Trek Online's Next Chapter, Stormfall, Continues Its Story In The Mirror Universe |

The next chapter in the Star Trek Online story will be coming next month and will see players continue their journey through the Mirror Universe. Stormfall will hit PCs on May 10th, while console players will be waiting till June.

Read the full story here


  • JeroKaneJeroKane Member EpicPosts: 7,015
    New Story? You mean more ships in the Cash Shop that is.
  • urriel1970urriel1970 Member UncommonPosts: 120
    it would be nice to see a quality of life upgrade...not just more cash shop ships or one epsiode at a time...but a really change including a level raise
  • DrSatanDrSatan Member UncommonPosts: 76
    I have a year 1 account, been around the STO block a bit.

    The game died when they completely removed the community foundry mission maker.

    Don't expect meaningful qol updates. The ability to legit attack more than ONE target at a time for example.

    The games engine is already overclocked to it's limit. It's almost as hard to follow entity heavy NPC matches as its just a billion overlapping weapons and special effects. It's noise...

    More features have been removed than added over the years. Or watered down and turned into time gated grindwall hellscapes like 'crafting' which is nothing but more timewalls and rng.

    I'm sure more cameos by a 70 year old Janeway will recaptivate us >,<
  • NeblessNebless Member RarePosts: 1,845
    Well 2 episodes is better than just 1 and then a 6 month wait for another. If I had to pick my biggest complaint about the game it would be the slow content release.

    You almost want to not play for a couple of years so you can come back and do the whole season one after another in one go and not worry about 'what the heck happened in the last episode?', 'who the heck is this guy or the story'.

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