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Games List/Tags upkeep/more Tags for Games

anothernameanothername Member UncommonPosts: 200
edited February 2022 in Site Suggestions
In my quest to search a new MMO third person looter shooter to fill the hole Defiance left I tried the MMORPG games list/filter. I set up Genre "MMOTPS"; Setting "Sci-Fi", Platform "PC". PvP = don't care which is actually not true but setting it to "no!" will filter out all the PvE games I do actually care about but have some PvP tacked on. I got presented with a embarrassing short list of 6 titles of which only Warframe touches the territory I'm looking for but is not quite it. Something seems off. So I set the same thing for cancelled titles and got only three titles; but neither Firefall or Defiance or Defiance 2050 among it. Filtering for all games on PC I found them listed as MMOFPS (they where not) and on top both Defiance titles where still listed as active titles; now filtering for active MMOFPS there was at least another TPS (Project Genom) that looked kinda interesting but also is dead for I guess about 3-4 years by now.

When I initially joined MMORPG it was for the same reason that lead to above odyssey: Looking for a type of MMO, maybe talk/read about it with other players. The news & editorials are nice additions that could make me stay a bit on a visit; but its not the visiting reason to begin with. I don't know how other player see it; I guess even most just glance over your game listings and just go away silently. And if they do not find the proper game listings/neglected categories loose all the reason to give it any serious try again (unless you make a big "we fixed it"  announcement [preferably after fixing it]). Before I digress in any more incoherent rambling:

- Add the right tags to the games; Defiance was a MMOTPS not an FPS. Both are Action MMOs like Outriders which is listed only as that.
- Add multiple tags; some games like i.e. Bethesdas Fallouts have both FPS & TPS; Outriders is a MMOTPS and an Action MMO. So ppl searching for either TPS or Action MMO could both get Outriders suggested.
- purge the unclean! *cough* aka move dead titles like both Defiance (link and link) and this Project Genom to the cancelled list (these I only found by accident; I guess there are lots more).

edit: It might look I stan hard for Outriders here but I actually think the characters/outfits look boring so no: I don't. I'm still looking for my scfi TPS fix :P
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