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Kinda lame

faithvoidfaithvoid Member UncommonPosts: 22
So, I've been lurking for years.  You guys used to be really mean here, so it hardly seemed worth engaging tbh.  I decided to double dutch my way in after decades, because it seems like a small, yet active and friendly community. 

After posting a while, I start a thread documenting a sunsetting of multi-decade old MMORPG that the overwhelming majority of people have never even heard of.  I spent a bit of time on this post.  Pictures, links, history, ect.  I was adding to it when I had time.  I was sharing with the community.

They deleted my whole thread with no reason given or any communication with me.  It's been days.  It doesn't feel good to be treated like this.  There are other communities, so I will be moving on.  Sorry for the dramatics, I just find it wildly inappropriate to treat people like that.  Best of luck!
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