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First Listed / First Announced / First Started

BluntedJBluntedJ Member UncommonPosts: 26
Sorry to come barging in on a Friday evening with some suggestions.

I was perusing the game list to see when a game was first started. I noticed the main summary just listed either when it was released or the planned release. Which is great.

Now, I know that I could peruse something like Wikipedia for the information, but I thought there'd be enough visual space to throw in at least one of three suggestions I am offering (if not all of them):

  1. First Listed - would let the reader know when it was first listed on the site. For this particular game I was looking at, I could check the forums to see when the first post was. It's not definitive, but it works to an extent.
  2. First Announced - it would be nice to see that date. Coincidentally, I realize I can find this out by seeing the first story here on the game.
  3. First Started - would possibly require "research", but it would be also nice to know when a game was first started by the developers. A good reference point would be when production/coding started, if that were discoverable.
I thought these would be QOL touches to what is, at least to me, the premiere place to get my MMORPG info.



  • BluntedJBluntedJ Member UncommonPosts: 26
    I also realize that my suggestion would/could require a lot of coding work, and it's understandable that my suggestions would not be feasible.
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