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Stop posting articles with the comments disabled

ragebulletragebullet Member UncommonPosts: 55
What is the point of even posting the articles if you wont even allow us to discuss it, this is a huge red flag for me.  Then again i look in here and see bots are spamming all the posts.... maybe I should give up on this site? Is this just bots left? seriously though. I cant stand how you have been posting about blizzard for weeks but disabling comments constantly. I don't care how toxic it is, don't become all the other "news" sites. comments and discussion is good for the community no ifs ands or butts. seriously its extremely disheartening to see every post about blizzard being locked but still being posted every other day. either don't post about it, or enable comments. If you continue down this road i will just hit the freeway exit and never come back, sorry /rant over
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