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Anyone else excited about Conan

Topic says it all, I simply can't wait.


  • Lunar_KnightLunar_Knight Member Posts: 292
    *starts practicing his austrian accent*


    ...but time flows like a river...

    ...and history repeats...

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  • LuckyDuckyLuckyDucky Member UncommonPosts: 268

    Little early for full blown excitement. I am keeping my eye on it though. Guarded enthusiasm would describe my outlook. As long as I keep reading good things about how development is progressing, I'm on board.

    "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Demo"

  • gnostergnoster Member Posts: 1

    The screenshots are certainly beautiful.


  • SunQuanSunQuan Member Posts: 23
    would I be writing this otherwise image
  • DoomsayerDoomsayer Member Posts: 344
    Ever since I heard about this game, I have heard those drums calling to me. If you know Conan, you know the drums of which I speak. And everyday my bloodlust grows a little more.


    Everything born must die. All that is, will come to ruin. This is the essence of Doom. So sayeth the Doomsayer.

  • BestiusBestius Member Posts: 52

    Ill work on my accent and adrenaline music later, now im working on the perfect EVIL LAUGHTER at world of warcraft when it gets swept away by this game!

    Im not anti social, im just pro solitude!

  • RagalornRagalorn Member Posts: 75

    By Crom I cant wait!

  • InitialDOAInitialDOA Member Posts: 99
    I dont know much about Conan but its time to learn. The preview drew me in. It looks so bold and NOT like its just trying to look cool
  • angerrangerr Member Posts: 865
    im torn between this title and vanguard on witch game im looking forward to the most. im kind of leaning twords AOC because its more geared twords pvp and i like the theme of it image


    read this then come back and talk to me about the vanguard/soe fiasco.....

  • DigableDDigableD Member Posts: 71

    it looks great. remember funcom made anarchy great, let's hope they continue ::::02::

  • EndemondiaEndemondia Member Posts: 231

    With regards  the age of Conan I have read all the Howard books and the first film Conan The Barbarian is still among my favourate films. Why? Because it is a mature (non-care bear!) world to be immersed in and captures the cruelty, brutality and mystery of a by-gone era. The fantasy genre remains popular in part by harking back to the halcyon past, nostalgia being very much a human condition.

    I will be buying this game not only because of its genre and recognised setting but because it is taking the best features of the best games (GuildWars being the obvious champion of mmorg (sorry WoW is care bear world for those who have grown out of Everquest!)) and adding something new.

    I would normally refuse to pay a subscription but if there is a monthly fee I will break my own rules to get stuck in to single and multi player.

    Sad but true I once had this amazing dream 20 odd years ago and within this one dream I lived out Conan's life...woke up sweating I tell you but the human brain is an amazing thing. Who said dreams don't come true?

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