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Cloudflare error in Chrome

KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 41,810
edited October 2021 in Help Desk
Happens to me on occasion when replying to some posts.  Thought it only happened when said replies had GIFs posted in them, but hit the message today with a text only reply.

Message implies my device or network has a virus or something, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't as I do have virus protection on my phone and the error is not consistent.

This an issue for anyone else?

Also advises me to load version 2.0 of some sort of Chrome add on, but not something I normally do on a smart phone.

Edit: I'm actually using Samsung's browser which is a Chrome derivative I believe and it just got updated yesterday so perhaps that's when I'm really seeing the issue.

Just had error again replying to a different post with text only, but when same text was copied into Brave no problem.

Probably should just start using Brave more often.

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