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CohhCarnage Hosted Gameplay - August 2021

achesomaachesoma Member RarePosts: 1,725
Here is the latest gameplay stream from 8/13/2021. Shows the Rogue perspective as played by Cohh. One of the best gameplay streams to date imo showing off various mechanics.

For those that don't have the time, Bazgrim gives a 10 minute summary of the stream highlighting the progress and mechanics of the game.

0:00 - Intro
1:26 - Visuals
2:16 - Combat Abilities and NPC AI 
3:58 - Traits and Dispositions 
6:32 - Traps 
7:51 - Boss Fight
9:44 - Grayboxed Thronefast 
10:11 - Outro

Here is a montage of the stream in 4K:

For me, I was mostly focused on Tehom, a dev that was playing the Enchanter. He really stole the show and ran a clinic on how to play Enchanter. I'm probably biased since that's the class I plan to main come launch. So I took some note of the Enchanter spells.

Mind Clamp- DoT, 2.0 sec cast, deals damage over 24 seconds.

Whisper of Tysire- buff, 3.0 sec cast, flood your group with the whispers of Tysire, increasing the rate of mana regeneration, appears to take effect until death or leave enchanter’s group.


Rend the Mind- 4.0 sec cast, no cooldown, rend an enemy’s mind with a burst of mental energy, dealing Magic damage and restoring some mana to your group.


Enthrall- 1.0 sec cast, no cooldown, lasts 24 seconds, mesmerize enemy, incapacitates them, damage breaks effect.


Spell Turn- instant, interrupts enemy’s casting and steals that spell for enchanter to use, stolen spell available for 15 seconds.


Commanding Will- 2.0 sec cast, appears to be permanent (or lasts several minutes) debuff on enemy that lowers magic resistance.


Mana Guzzle- channeled ability that drains mana over 10 seconds and grants stolen mana to enchanter.


Prismatic Torch- 2.0 sec cast, buff, creates hovering light for target, lasts 60 minutes.


Mana regeneration for Enchanter takes 1 minute 15 seconds to go from empty to full while sitting out of combat with Whisper of Tysire buff.

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