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Intel Arc Alchemist will launch in Q1 2022

QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,541
For those who have no idea what that is, the parts formerly known by the cryptic names of Xe-HPG and DG2 now have a brand name blessed by a marketing department.  After Alchemist will come Battlemage, then Celestial, and then Druid.  Unless, of course, someone decides to change the name before launch, as happened to Intel's 10 nm SuperFin+, aka, 10+++, or possibly some other number of + signs, since it's hard to keep track.

For those of you who still have no clue what I'm talking about (i.e., most normal humans), this is Intel's new line of gaming video cards, intended to compete with AMD's Radeon and Nvidia's GeForce.  It remains to be seen whether they'll actually be good, but if nothing else, bringing more video cards to market is sure to help gamers one way or another.  Even if they all get bought by miners, maybe that will mean the miners leave more of the Radeon and GeForce cards to the rest of us to buy.  Unless the price of Ethereum spikes yet again, in which case, the miners will resume buying everything at triple the MSRP.


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