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Life Staff PvE healer build



  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 17,532
    Brainy said:

    Is Trinity required at max level?  I am curious whether you can beat the higher content with different group setups, like only off healers vs main healers.
    Trinity is never required at any level since there is no LFG tool to enforce it. It's however a given group of players wants to do it. But it can and will get chaotic if you don't at least have a tank who can keep the boss focused on them.

    I healed my first expedition as a healer but the party also had a good tank and a couple of people with the so called "paladin build" (heavy armor + great axe + life staff) and that run was smooth as butter.

    My second run had no tank, mostly ranged DPS and only one other player with a life staff secondary. That one was a pain where we all took turns kiting the boss and the ranged DPS were a PITA to heal because they were never anywhere near my ground target AOE heals (and at 25 single target heals are underwhelming.) We got through it but it wasn't pretty :smile:

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