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Recruiting for Launch: Necrophim - Marauder- Thule - NA East

blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611
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Region: NA | Server: Thule (NA East) | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Current Size: 1-10 | Recruiting: Yes

With origins in alliances forged in battle in a lost land called Norrath in the dawn of the millenium, Necrophim is the current embodiment of a spirit of teamwork, friendship, and accomplishment.

Necrophim doesn't aim to be the biggest guild around, the first to hit level cap, the first to hold a territory, the first to win a siege.  Necrophim aims to have fun, learn as a team, play as a team, and enjoy everything that New World has to offer.  We will help our Faction hold territories, and we will enjoy the buffs that come with it.  We will help our Faction undermine other Factions to take their territories, but our eye won't always be on the governors seat at the council table.  Will he hold land if it's available? Yes.  Is it our end goal?  No.

Fun, teamwork, dungeon runs as a guild, tradeskill help within the guild and not charging and arm and a leg for the combine, developing small unit tactics in siege and fort pvp, those are our goals. 

Our core team has decades of mmo hours logged between us, and experience in almost all of the big name mmos (and several smaller niche ones) to draw from.  We aren't data miners, bot scripters or world first racers (any more); we play to have fun, hang out, and accomplish things together.

With the guild size limit being 100, the (want to be) top guilds will be filling up fast with content locusts looking to race and "beat the game" in the first week.....regardless of if that is to beat it and move on, or to strangle hold the other Factions.  We present a more casual themed guild for those looking to make friends, hang out, enjoy the game for what it has to offer, and level and accomplish at our own pace.  We will aim to remain free of drama and cliques, promoting grouping from the entire guild roster, helping one another with tradeskill combines for the required materials, a willingness to group with "less optimal" builds.

We are filthy casuals willing to accomplish the big our own pace and not feel pressured to race everyone else to be there first.

Join us on our Discord   
 Grouping in Old school mmo's: meeting someone at the bar and chatting, getting to know them before jumping into bed.  Current mmo's grouping: tinder.  swipe, hookup, hope you don't get herpes, never see them again.
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